Author: Alan Gray

Trade Cheaters Targeted In Trump Executive Order

Fulfilling another campaign promise, President Donald Trump signed two trade-related executive orders this week. The president wants a country-by-country trade relationship investigation of the U.S. trade deficit. Of utmost concern is reports of trade cheating, weak enforcement, and the currency manipulation he accused China of undertaking. The Coalition for a Prosperous America agreed with the move, adding an observation of it own. The organization’s CEO, Michael Stumo said “This is a very smart move to target countries with large bilateral imbalances. The administration should not only consider the export/import ratio but also unnatural and excessive savings and investment rates...

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California Pays $8.6 Million To Train 11,836 Workers

126 New Healthcare Hires California’s Employment Training Panel is to pay more than $8.6 million to train 11,836 workers, according to documentation of 28 training contracts. This is a cost of just $726 per trainee. Four of the 28 contracts support job creation in healthcare. Those four contracts provide training for 126 new hires at four facilities. Temecula Valley Hospital, San Gabriel Valley Medical Center, Pacific Alliance Medical Center, and Whittier Hospital Medical Center.? At least some of those new hires will be nurses. Our new hire incentive program helps new nurses get the on-the-job training skills they need...

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Monarch Beach Resort Thoughtfully Reimagined

Monarch Beach Resort, the Orange County, AAA Five-Diamond luxury resort that looks out on panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, announced completion of a comprehensive $40 million renovation. The resort had previously refreshed 400 guestrooms, and now has a new Miraval Life in Balance Spa, the first coastal location for Miraval. Ian Pullan, General Manager of Monarch Beach Resort welcomes guests, members and neighbors to what he calls “our thoughtfully reimagined resort.” He says the resort, which captures the allure of Dana Point’s majesty, is “a perfect balance between luxury and approachability.” The spa, which is a great attraction...

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ETX Capital Rolls Out New Trader Sentiment Mapper

Clients of ETX Capital, a global provider of cutting edge technology for competitive pricing of multiple markets, have a new feature to try out on the website. The feature allows them to measure and track investor sentiment across various markets. The feature actually has three areas that each provide a unique type of data. Interactive chart The interactive chart actually serves a dual purpose. It contains the overall current trading sentiment of various products, and acts as a navigation tool to select specific products and break them down further. Historical graph With the historical graph that tracks both sentiment...

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International Sport Shooting: A Primer

When a group of men from the Boston Athletic Club heard about a new sporting competition being held in Athens during the Spring of 1896, they decided they ought to make the trip to compete. This group of athletes would turn out to be the core of America’s very first, 14-man Olympic team. Army Lieutenant John Paine was among the core group of men who traveled to Athens. However, before reaching Greece, he stopped in Paris to convince his brother, Sumner, also a sport shooter, to compete in the Olympic games with him. Both men set off for Athens...

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Tips to Keep Your Sales Team Fired up and Ready to Sell

One of the biggest problems many companies face is keeping their sales team fired up and ready to sell, that is to say, motivated. Yes, those commissions are nice but it seems like after a while on the job it becomes almost tedious to say the same things over and over to every customer that comes in the door or contacts you via a chat app. There are some things you can do to keep your team on their toes, full of energy and ready to close that deal. Here are a few you might like to try, thanks...

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Capitalizing On The Chinese Orange Juice Market

Orange Juice Market Opportunity American marketers, especially those in Florida have a great marketing lesson they can learn from American restaurant giants. A new study coming out of the University of Florida shows that restaurant giants such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut have lessons that can create opportunity for marketers to sell 100 percent not-from-concentrate Florida orange juice in China. The Chinese Orange Juice market is huge. University of Florida associate professor of food and resource economics, Zhifeng Gao, led a study in four major cities in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou and Shenzhen. Gao’s researchers surveyed Chinese...

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Technology Continues to Impact How We Talk to Teens

(AXcess News) Minneapolis, MN – When I was a teenager, I can remember everyone passing notes to each other and making promises to “call you tonight.” I can certainly still remember my parents yelling at me for spending too much time on the phone. This was a time when people also still mailed letters and cards to each other just to say “hello and I’ve been thinking of you.” It was easier for my parents to follow what I was doing because – albeit a bit differently since every generation is different – it was not all that different from what they had done when they were teenagers. Times have definitely changed. Today’s teenagers use cell phones, text messaging, instant messaging (IM) and chat rooms to catch up with each other. They have long buddy lists filled with their friends’ screen names. They participate in blogs – millions of teens are using sites such as and And, they use emoticons instead of words. Pew Internet ( Teens and Technology) reports that 84 percent of all teenagers report owning at least one media device: a computer, cell phone or personal digital assistant. Teenagers today communicate almost solely through technology, and this has a lot of parents feeling out of the loop. But parents don’t have to feel like this is a lost cause or that they will never...

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