Author: Eric Stevenson

Skype for Business on Mac Cuts Business Expenses … But Not Yet

Microsoft, the owner of Skype, just announced a limited release of a Mac version of Skype for business. They call this Skype for Business Preview. Skype is one of those tools that helps businesses cut costs by not needing to travel as much. It is to replace the ageing Lync. The Preview build is to be released in three separate stages. The first was launched today. The public version is scheduled for release after that. Skype for Business was released for PC last year. Not everyone is happy with its performance. Business Mac users can register now – read...

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Good News: Tax Filing Date Extended To April 18

California’s Franchise Tax Board reminded California taxpayers that the tax filing deadline of April 15th has been extended to Monday, April 18th. Washington, D.C. celebrates Emancipation Day on Friday, April 15, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced it is honoring that holiday. That meant the filing deadline was extended for three days, to April 18th. To avoid making taxpayers have two separate filing deadlines, the FTB agreed to extend its own deadline to match the federal deadline. California State Controller, Betty T. Yee, said “The extended deadline provides a few extra days for Californians to file their taxes...

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IPOs in 2015 Not So Hot

IPOs in 2015: Numbers Down Looking back at IPOs in 2015, it is obvious it wasn’t a stellar year. The total number of IPOs was down and most of those that did see the light of day were priced below their valuation. But that may have turned out to be a good strategy for investors. IPO Underpricing Strategy One underpricing example was Square (NYSE: SQ). Square started with a pre-IPO valuation of $6 billion. At the open, the shares were priced at $9, bringing in $1.4 billion under the valuation. Although the IPO price was lower,  since the IPO,...

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Handy Seasonal Home Health Check-list

When it comes to health, it is not just your family you need to think about. The health of your home is just as important, and in many ways it is directly linked to your family’s health. So here is a handy seasonal home heath checklist to get you started. Spring This is the time when the weather starts to warm up, and everything begins to thaw out. No more excuses for not going outside for those little maintenance jobs you’ve noticed during the dark, winter months. The things to check at this time of year are: Gutters: Over...

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Swedish Study Says Exercise May Reduce Risk Of Epilepsy

The disabling and life-threatening brain condition was the subject of Dr. Elinor Ben-Menachem’s study. The PhD MD says the research suggests that men who exercise vigorously as young adults may reduce their risk of developing epilepsy later in life. Epilepsy is a brain disease that causes repeated seizures. Dr. Ben-Menachem published her research in the September 4, 2013, online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Exercise has been shown to have positive effects on the brain and other organs, including reducing the risk of various brain diseases. Dr. Ben-Menachem says her study is the first in humans to show that exercise may also reduce the risk of epilepsy. The study was very large captive group – young Swedish men who enlisted for mandatory military service at age 18. More than a million men undertook cycle tests that measured cardiovascular fitness. Over a period of 25 years or more, the participants were assessed for epilepsy in follow-up tests. 6,796 men were diagnosed with epilepsy. Dr. Ben-Menachem’s study showed that the men with high levels of fitness “were 79 percent less likely to develop epilepsy than those with low fitness levels and 36 percent less likely to develop epilepsy than those with medium fitness levels.” This table shows some results from the study: Total Men # developed epilepsy % developed epilepsy high fitness 496,973 2,381...

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Turn Blind Eye to Science, Fact

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has turned a blind eye to Science and fact, and is instead functioning as the heart and soul of environmental extremist and animal rights extremist groups. Even the “pretense” of honesty has been abandoned (as the FWS’ record over the past six years clearly demonstrate) and while the Department of Interior seeks to destroy a legitimate $1.4 Billion dollar per year Reptile industry. The anti-science position of the Fish and Wildlife Service is ironic. During the George W. Bush administration, Dan Ashe of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, (hereafter referred to as the “Service”), fought for and won the battle to use legitimate science in order to promote and set policy for the Service. He served as the Science Advisor to the Director of the Service (originally), and is now the Director of the Service. The US Geological Service (USGS) would research and conduct the science for the Department of Interior. This was an important step in facilitating the non-political fact based policies that Ashe and others at the Service were fighting for. That was the argument. However, the USGS and the Service have allowed NO legitimate, scientific input. This despite the fact that the USGS “Science” is NOT peer reviewed nor is it subject to any scrutiny from the scientific community, whatsoever. The Peer Review process is the scientific standard which...

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PETA Makes a Veggie Statement at Capitol for National Hot Dog Month

(AXcess News) Washington – Two women wearing chili-pepper string bikinis handed out veggie dogs at the Capitol on Wednesday, for National Hot Dog Month. Model Vida Guerra, who has appeared in Playboy and other men’s magazines, spiced things up at PETA’s National Veggie Dog Day. This year’s theme was “spice up your life” by going vegetarian. The annual event was created to answer to the meat industry’s National Hot Dog Month. Despite a light rain, a long line of people stretched around a Rayburn House Office Building courtyard to get a free veggie dog from Guerra. Wearing high heels...

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