marijuana companies.

2018 has been a huge year for marijuana companies, their stocks and outlook. Look to their northern neighbors in Canada where stocks in companies such as Aurora, Aphria, and Canopy Growth grew by up to 3000% in the past two years. Now, the majority of these gains can be attributed to the fact that Canada legalized marijuana in October 2018, but experts are stating that despite that, Canada’s market will only account for a mere 12% of all cannabis sales in 2019.

For 2019, it’s the U.S. market that analysts are predicting will see the biggest gains. The reason for this is really simple; it comes down to size. The country has the largest potential market not just in North America, but the entire world. Now, as for which stocks are set to have a huge impact and enjoy significant gains in 2019, there are a handful. Here’s a look at the Green Funds Analysis of the best pot stocks in 2019.

Origin House (OTC:ORHOF)

With its focus in building a massive distribution company in the state of California, Origin House is really setting the bar for contract manufacturing and logistics. The fact that it has set up shop in the largest regulated cannabis market in the world – California – was no fluke. Origin House was formerly called CannaRoyalty and has really put effort into building a diversified group of assets, something that not all companies are doing.


What makes MedMen such an interesting stock to watch heading into 2019 is the fact it is vertically integrated as it was one of the very first companies from the U.S. to actually list on the Canadian Stock Exchange. Its focus is on the retail market and has a strong presence in California in particular. With that said, it operates in a number of states and is looking to position itself strongly for the long-haul.

CannTrust (OTC:TRST)

Here’s another Canadian company that is based on Canada’s west coast. Their capacity is huge, and they have an impressive array of supply agreements. Not only that, but the company is innovative and holds a global patent on zero calorie, zero taste, and THC/CBD soluble products that can work with beverages. This is just the kind of innovation that can really turn this company into a worldwide leader.

CV Sciences (OTC:CVSI)

CV Sciences Inc. has two streams in their business which is Consumer Products and Specialty Pharmaceuticals. Where its focus lies, is in developing and then commercializing a variety of prescription drugs that make use of CBD. They are looking to take advantage of the growth in the hemp market.


While a number of marijuana companies are focusing on the retail end of things, KushCo is spreading itself around and offering services and products for consumers and businesses in the industry. It originally got its start as Kush Bottles and was a supply and packaging company for cannabis growers and dispensaries. Since then, it has expanded rapidly and now has customers in North America, Europe, and South America. The company looks on track to continue its “boom” into 2019.

Each of these companies is well-positioned to be a real leader in 2019 and all are certainly worth watching.