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Enviro Voraxial Gains Ground In Oil Field Wastewater Cleanup

Florida-based Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc. had grabbed headlines following the BP oil spill, though its technology wasn’t brought to bear in time to prove itself. But following the Clean Gulf environmental show in Florida, orders began to flow and on Wednesday announced its first multi-unit sale to a South American oil company.

Enviro Voraxial Tech Featured

AXcess News featured Enviro Voraxial Tech in a mid-October story after the company opened up a new distribution channel for its Voraxial separator through an agreement with one of Italy’s largest engineering firms. The company had shipped two models to the engineering firm which were to be used for wastewater separation applications. But since appearing at the Florida Clean Gulf Show the company has made new headway into the oil cleanup sector having announced the sale of its first Voraxial separator to a North American oil company last week. But Wednesday’s order marks the first multi-unit Voraxial system to be sold in the oil patch.

The buyer processes several hundred thousand barrels of oil wastewater per day and the Voraxial separator system they sold is comprised of two Voraxial 4000 models and one Voraxial 2000 model capable of only separating 25, 000 barrels per day, leaving room for multiple orders in the future, the company stated.

Voraxial Separator

Enviro Voraxial

The Voraxial separator operates on a vortex flow of fluids which separates solids from liquids, allowing for recovery of water from sand, oil and other fluids according to their density. The patented system takes the guesswork out of wastewater recovery, which on a global scale is a $430 billion industry and growing. But just how much of that market Enviro Voraxial Technology can grab remains to be seen.

The fact that the company is only now beginning to place orders in the oil sector may be due to the lag time in purchasing decisions after the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill which forced the entire industry to rethink its approach to environmental protection, making wastewater cleanup take a back seat while the outcome of the BP spill was being weighed. But after Enviro Voraxial drew crowds around its display at the Florida Clean Gulf Show it was only a matter of time before orders flowed, only now it appears it may turn into a gusher.

The company stated in its news release Wednesday that future orders from the South American oil company were likely, though it stopped short of forecasting how many systems could be sold – but you do the math, if the multi-unit system they’ve sold only manages 25, 000 barrels per day and the oil company produces hundreds of thousands of barrels of wastewater at that one location, the likelihood of a multi-million dollar order may only be a matter of time while engineering results of the Voraxial 4000 system are being studied by the un-named oil giant.

Sometimes good things do come in small packages and for Enviro Voraxial Technology after years of development its sale in South America was anything but a lucky break. Company COO, John DiBella, said, “This is a very significant order. This customer has already expressed interest to use the Voraxial at its other production facilities which are having similar problems.”

SOURCE: AXcess News

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