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Whenever the economy is uncertain, you hear of unusual investment schemes that are promoted as being the next best way to become a millionaire overnight. Some of them may be a bit odd but even so, sometimes these odd investment vehicles can offer huge profits if you get in on the ground floor of something that is very likely to trend.

Some new trends in investing aren’t so odd but they aren’t the run-of-the-mill strategies that you’d be likely to think of if you didn’t get bombarded with emails and pop-up ads on Facebook. Here are a few of the newest trends in investing and with some of them, you won’t believe just how lucrative they can be.

Antiques of a Funny Sort

While this is not all that unusual, it lends a touch of humor in an unexpected way. How many stories have you read of people cleaning the attic of their home that had been in the family for generations only to find priceless antiques hidden among the dust? Recently there has been a surge of old comic books that have begun surfacing, some of them dating back to the earliest days of publication.

Some found in attics, some found in basements, but one collection of note was found in Virginia and worth $3.5 million in 2012. Michael Rorer was cleaning the basement of his aunt’s home upon her death and found a collection his uncle had invested in during his lifetime. Some were priceless and the only surviving copy of first issues. Investing in comics has become quite a trend!

New Legislation Leads to Investing in Marijuana Stocks

With cannabis being legal or medically legislated in 28 states as well as in Washington, D.C., a day doesn’t pass by without seeing an ad for investing in marijuana stocks. These have become quite popular not only as an investment in marijuana, but in products that these dispensaries sell even to those who don’t partake in cannabis.

Many people who vape in lieu of smoking cigarettes have found that the best vaporizers can be found in dispensaries. They visit sites like for the widest selection of vaping devices for use with e-juice or cannabis, and these dispensaries are now being funded by investors looking to make a tidy profit as more and more states go legal.

Buying and Flipping Websites

Some people make a nice income buying domain names, setting up websites and then flipping them on sites like Flippa. All you need to do is find a marketable domain name, buy it for less than $20 in most cases and then build a website and populate it with content. If you have a highly competitive name it doesn’t matter if it ranks well yet because in the right hands, they can have it ranking highly with good SEO techniques.

Some sites are owned by people who don’t know their value and have gained in rank enough to make them worth thousands!

Whether you want to get in on the ground floor of stocks in cannabis dispensaries, invest in comics or in flipping websites, you can often get a sizeable return for pennies, which is truly remarkable. You’d be surprised at just how much you can truly make with weird investments that many would shake their heads at. It’s worth a try, and for pennies, why not?