How to Make Your Entertainment Event Successful in a Large City

Large cities seem to have a lot going on, all the time. If you’re planning an entertainment event, you’ll want to have yours stand out from the others. Logistics and communication play major roles in your success. Before we provide you with some tips and tricks to keep in mind during the planning process, we’d like to highlight some different kinds of events that are available.

Live bands are often crowd pleasers, especially if you pick an artist or artists who will enhance the vibe of your event. If you’re going for something upscale and low-key, an instrumental group or jazz singers might be ideal. In comparison, a rock or pop group would help you boost the energy level at a different type of gathering. If you prefer something else, you can consider hiring a magician, hypnotist, fortune teller, medium, or dancer. Many visual artists are available for events as well. Interactive artists, speed painters, and graffiti artists may all be options. Of course, the guests could also be part of the entertainment if you set up corn hole, axe throwing, racquet sports, or some other type of crowd-friendly competition.

To make your event a success, you need to be organized and prepared. You’ll first have to come up with a reason for your event. Is it to raise funds, develop awareness, strengthen community ties, or something else? You’ll want to plan your event with a specific goal in mind. Then, come up with a few potential dates and make sure that important stakeholders can be in attendance. Once you’ve settled on a date, start the booking process. Secure a venue, rentals, vendors, and entertainment as soon as you can. In a large city, places and vendors are often very busy, especially around the holidays and in the spring and summer. Gather a team, delegate responsibilities, and communicate frequently with them. It may be easier to divide and conquer, but ensure that everyone is on the same page. Check in with your team to make sure that they’re all on track.

There are a lot of moving parts involved in event planning in a major metropolitan area. The following tips can help you pull off a successful event.

– Always keep safety and security in mind. Be sure that your venue will hold your anticipated guests, see that you have the right insurance and that all of your vendors and talent are properly ensured, and consider hiring extra security to keep things running smoothly.

– Treat every guest like a VIP. Greet everyone with a smile, see if they need any special accommodations, and think about purchasing gifts for each guest in attendance, helping them remember your event.

– Schedule a walk-through ahead of time. Planning things on paper can be different than visiting a site and actually seeing where everything will be, so set aside some time to visit your venue.

– Be a gracious host. Remember to thank guests for attending, people who helped with the planning process, and the talent who assisted with entertainment and service.

If you need any help with your upcoming event, feel free to contact us at Resource Entertainment. We specialize in event planning and can provide ideas, logistical support, and more.

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