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What Should You Do Right After A Car Accident?

car after accident.

Being involved in a car accident is not something we tend to prepare for since it is something nobody wants. However, knowing at least the basics is really important since making a bad decision can easily lead to problems that could be avoided. Following the accident you will have various thoughts that go through your mind. What counts is to try to stay as level-headed as possible. Here are some things you do want to do after the accident.

Was Someone Injured?

Calling 911 is important after an emergency. Whenever a car accident leads to someone requiring medical attention, you want the ambulance to come. Never move people that are unconscious unless there is no other thing you can do. In a collision scenario the injuries sustained can become a lot worse when a person is moved. If you absolutely have to move an injured person, be sure to keep their neck and head supported.

Go For Safety

If you can, go to a safe area such as a parking lot or a sidewalk but you should stay at the scene. When the car is damaged and it does not turn on, activate the flashers and try to warn other drivers that an accident happened. Do not open the hood if the radiator may be damaged, due of the danger of hot water. The safety of yourself and other people are most important to take care of. Check for broken glass and to see if there is any spilled fuel.

Calling The Police

Call the police whenever a car accident involves personal injury, death or damage. That is especially the case in a hit and run accident. The 911 operator can arrange this. They will send in the appropriate assistance such as CHP, police and ambulance.

Get Information From The Parties Involved

Be sure you talk with all witnesses, passengers and drivers. Try to get as much information as possible about them. This includes home number, name, address and mobile number. If you can get the name of other drivers’ insurance companies, the coverage limits and the insurance policy number, it is even better. When the police arrive, be sure that you get their badge number and name, to eventually contact him, if needed.

Speaking about information, be sure to write down as much as possible about the car accident. This means recording the date and time, care makes and models, year, descriptions, state, colors and license plate numbers. If you have a smartphone, take photos. These are always going to come in handy. Try to photograph the automobiles involved, the property damage, the drivers and accident location details.

Go To The Doctor

Fixing your car is not the highest priority. Your health is the most important thing to take care of. Last but not least, no matter what you think happened to you, go to your doctor. Many injuries sustained in car accidents may not be visible on-site. Doctors have to check you out in order to be sure that there are no injuries that are not initially visible. Speedy treatment will help you avoid many future problems.

Fixing the car

Hopefully, everyone involved has insurance. If not, this may lead to problems. You can always go to to find out how to replace a broken windshield. Follow the instructions of your insurance company.

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