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17 Sure Shot Study Tips for Students

study. Image by ChellyRika from pixabay.

Study. Image by ChellyRika from Pixabay

You should never leave unfinished notes, chapters or subjects for the night before the exam. When you have acquired all the right habits of studying, you’ll stay focussed and get the grades you rightfully deserve. So, here in this article below, we’ll share with you 17 sure shot study tips for students. These tips will be helpful for you to stay focussed and keep stress at bay.

Robert who provides assignment help Australia service to students says it doesn’t matter whether you are in school, college or anywhere else, if you want to develop good study habits, it can never be too late. These good study habits are very crucial for you to achieve your goals.

Of course, the potential and the manner of learning is different for different people. However, it is the right focus that is the key. So, here we have come up with a set of study tips which will help you kickstart your journey to success in your academics.

Plan ahead

The first and most obvious tip is correct planning. Now, what you ought to do is take a calendar and manage your time according to dates. It will help you keep a track on your studies. When you have a calendar handy, you can not only count the days till your exam but also help you evenly break down your study time. So, when you are studying for a particular exam, you can start by dividing the dates of the calendar into classes or subjects, Then, you have to further divide these dates into smaller chunks of modules or topics.

It is best advised to start referring to the calendar right from the beginning of the year or the start of the course to avoid missing out on any submissions, deadlines or essential functions or occasions that will keep you off from your studies.

Eat healthily

Eating right is a quintessential requirement for you to be able to study right. There are certain food items which help you stay focussed while there are many others that might make you feel sluggish or tired all the time. Thus, you need to know your diet. Your diet directly has an impact on the ability of your brain to perform at its full capacity. So know that having a healthy diet is an essential part of your study plan.

During or around your exams, never indulge in high sugar snacks such as canned food items or cereal bars. These foods tend to make you feel lethargic. Instead of these, you can look for healthier alternatives like blueberries, nuts, carrots, dark chocolate, seeds and bananas. These are great for high-speed functionality of your brain and will keep you all fresh and active.

Consider your learning style

Nisha who help students with GMAT Prep Course completion added that it is essential for the students to understand and analyze their learning style. This will help you in customizing your technique in a manner that you are achieving maximum productivity from the time you put in. In general, the learning styles can be classified into three key categories. These include:

Usually, a lot of us fit into more than one category of learners. As a result, our learning styles may vary depending on the environment we are subjected to. So, analyze your manner of learning and see which method works best for you. It is an early step that you need to take in your life to ensure better preparation.

Create a positive study environment

Having a messy desk will make you feel fuzzier. On the other hand, if your table is neat and tidy, your mind will feel less clogged or confused. As a result of this, you can focus on your studies and perform better. In case, you need some inspiration, you can hang in a vision board or a mood board on the wall with a motivating quote. So, whenever you feel stressed, you can take a deep breath and look at this vision board to keep you inspired and motivated. One important tip here is that you must always keep your study environment away from all the loud noises. It will help you stay more focused and calm.

Stay off the grid

The most effective key to being successful in your studies is having deep focus. You know that there are massive distractions all around us. There is TV, social media, mobile phones and online shopping. Don’t we all feel the need for checking our mobile notifications every 10 seconds? Sadly, the problem is that we want to multitask and do everything at once. This can be a disaster, especially when you wish to focus on your studies. So, stay off the grid and keep your focus.

Visualize topics

For students who prefer the visualized learning style, it is essential for you to develop a habit of mind mapping. It is the best way in which your brain can link and create associations with information in a visual manner. To do this, you can start by preparing an outline for your subject. Then you branch this out with every concept, chapter, topic, sub-topic, formula, character, notable events, dates or information, that might be necessary for you in the future. There is no right or wrong way of doing mind mapping. Don’t stress too much about getting it right and visualize the topics as you deem fit.

Set goals

Brent, an accounting homework help provider, says that for students, studying might often seem like an endless endeavour. There will be times when you will feel that your brain is full, and you cannot accommodate more knowledge. In order to combat this, and stay positive at all times, you need to set your goals right and celebrate whenever you achieve even small targets. Rewarding yourself for achieving your goals is essential to stay motivated.

Use memory aids

The perfect way to test your knowledge is flashcards. Similar to mind maps, these too help your brain in making connections and associations between different ideas. The best thing about these flashcards is that they are ideal for all types of subjects. You can use the flashcards for art and design, scientific formulae, math problems or vocab improvements. You can also use this process of creating flashcards for quick revision. Be clear and precise with it so that they can help you revise your content faster.


The best way to stay focused when you have been sitting at your desk for hours at length is the worksheets. You know, when you grade your work, you yourself feel rewarded to analyze how much you have learnt so fast. Do not worry if you happen to get a few things wrong. Just keep an open mind and know that practicing a great way of filling the gaps in your knowledge and learning.

Reference your cheat sheet

Now, a cheat sheet is a concise sheet which you can use for a quick reference. So, when you are doing preparation for your test or exam, you can format all the notes in one compiled cheat sheet. It is the best way to recall all the important points which your brain needs to hold onto. In order to make the process of learning through cheat sheets, you need to ensure that the scanning process is faster. This can be done when you make use of concise wording, bold headings and color code your subject or topic material.

Take notes in your own words

When you understand a concept and then write it in your own words, that information will be embedded in your memory and help you be focused. So, whenever you are reading a new concept or a chapter, always develop a habit of taking notes. Next, you need to ensure that all your notes are ordered well. Everything has to be in perfect sync with each other.

Stay motivated

Sarah, an online tutor replying to write my essay queries of students, confirms that motivation is a primary factor whenever you are trying to focus on your studies. However, motivation isn’t something that can be mass-produced or bottled up. So, what should you do to always stay motivated? You can hang some motivational quotes or appreciative messages from your future self to motivate your present self. Hang these messages carefully in your study space so you can go back and refer to it whenever you need it.

Establish a routine

For a student, an active study routine is essential. However, a daily routine is usually different for everyone. Some people are early risers and use their morning hours to study while others prefer to stay till late to finish their studies. You have to see and analyze what works best for you and your body. Make sure you pick a routine that is comfortable for you. It is important for you to be aware of your most productive hours. This will help you make the most of the time in hand. There’s really no point in staying up late at night to study if you keep feeling sleepy at your desk the following day. So, plan well, keep enough time for your studies but do not compromise with your sleep.

Read as much as possible

Extensive reading is an extremely healthy practice for a student. It is the best way to absorb as much knowledge as possible. You know when you read, you tend to incorporate so many things consciously and sub-consciously and sooner or later, these things that you have learnt while reading will come back to you, when you are sitting in your exam hall, trying to recall the answers. However, always make sure you read books that are separate from your course books too. To track your progress in reading, you can even create fun bookmarks. This will help you save the pages to which you have read already.

Organize study groups

Some of us are social learners. If you are one of them, you will find study groups to be the most effective way for you to learn faster and stay focused. Work out a group with your friends, and this will help all of you to keep a tab on each other’s notes and study better. However, please take a strict note of how serious or focussed your study group is. If you feel that in this group, you are wasting more time than utilizing it in your studies, it is time, you look for another group.

Track your progress

You should always hold a positive mindset by proving to yourself that you are making substantial progress with your goals. The most effective way to do this is by creating a checklist. Break it down into subjects that you intend to cover and allot a timeline for every goal. To ensure that you are productive throughout, be careful and make sure that you do not go on revising the same subject over and over again, completely ignoring the rest. Give vital importance to all subjects in your checklist and tick them off, as and when you are done with them.

Test yourself

This is a crucial step because before you head for your exam, you need to be fully confident that you know all that you need to know to ace your test or exam. Do not lose your focus and be fair when you test yourself. Robin, a university expert, says to students looking for college research paper writing service says that the best way to test yourself is by taking quizzes, doing the questions mentioned at the back of the chapter or solving the past year question papers.

So, these are our top 17 sure shot study tips for the students. Hopefully, the students who incorporate these into their schedule will achieve requisite success in their studies. In case you have more tips to add to the list for our young audience, do let us know about it in the comments below. Hopefully, your tips will be helpful for these young achievers.

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