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3 Secrets to a Successful Networking Event

Networking is a crucial component of the business world. Building a business or career requires strategic networking with the right influencers and people in your niche. Industry conferences or networking events are an essential part of the networking process.

But there’s a lot that goes into throwing a successful networking event.

The right event planning can help an event shine. Professionals that throw their own events often know the ins-and-outs of a successful event.

These three secrets can help:

1. Leverage the Right Event Platforms

Event planning is big business, and there are platforms that allow you to create, host and promote events with greater easier. Eventbrite is the industry leading event technology platform that professional planners are using.

There are event plugins for Eventbrite that shorten the amount of time you’ll spend during the planning process.

You can tap Eventbrite into all of your favorite platforms to help promote your event, including:

Eventbrite makes it easy to plan and promote an event, and it’s a platform that all of the professionals are using.

2. Event Engagement is Key

Networking is all about engaging with other attendees. If a person is networking, they need to talk with others and find some common ground. But it’s difficult when everyone is trying to take center stage and meet others.

Engagement is an essential part of an event.

And there are many ways that engagement can occur:

Networking events need that wow factor to really stand out. Companies will also offer custom options to cater specifically to your event’s attendees. Engagement can also come from technology, and this may include:

Find ways to engage the audience, and your event will be a major success.

3. Event Security Essentials

Event security is a major component of any event, and with security being on the minds of many attendees, it’s important to focus on this area. There are a lot of technologies that leading events are using to improve and streamline security to make events safer for everyone involved.

Biometrics and sentiment analysis are starting to be used widely, too.

And the technology is insane. CrowdStats offers Audience Analytics, which is installed on your device at target locations to offer analytics of your event. These analytics include:

All of this is done through facial recognition.

Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) is common at many events, and it’s a major boost to the safety of events. The RFID technology can be placed in wristbands, allowing wireless communication to:

RFID provides intelligence that goes way beyond what a security guard would be able to offer. You’ll even be able to monitor data and analyze it to deliver even better results for your attendees in the future.

The technology can even help you determine where audience members spend their most and least amount of time during an event.

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