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4 Reasons Employers Let Employees Work from Home

Some people enjoy commuting to the office every day, seeing their coworkers, and collaborating on projects. However, many other professionals would prefer to work from home – at least part of the time. If you’re looking for ways to improve your workforce, consider these four reasons to let employees stay home to work.

Sell It as a Perk

Employees might find themselves drawn to your company if you list working from home as a job benefit. New parents, for instance, can stay home longer with their infants, which increases bonding time and reduces stress. Workers who live on the other side of town from your office don’t have to fight rush hour every day, and employees can set their own hours from the comfort of their own living rooms.

When you advertise telecommuting as a job perk, mention how often employees can work from home. You might allow it every Friday, for instance. Many companies allow employees to work from home permanently.

Improve Employee Productivity

Since employees don’t have to deal with stress at the office, they often become more productive when they’re allowed to work from home. They can relax in comfort, set up their own workspaces, and keep their own hours. Since they’re not distracted by water-cooler chatter or ringing telephones, their concentration doesn’t get broken as often.

This is especially true for introverts. This personality type struggles to focus in a noisy, chaotic, or visually stimulating work environment. Introverts prefer to work alone in social situations rather than as part of a team.

Remove Geographical Restrictions

When you require employees to report to the office, you’re limited to the local talent pool. However, when you let employees telecommute, you expand your options to professionals all over the country – or even outside the United States. This can greatly benefit technology companies because tech professionals tend to congregate in certain cities, such as San Francisco and the Bay Area.

When you start a tech company in Texas, you can access talent in Silicon Valley. Your business becomes far richer because you can tap employees anywhere and narrow down the list of talents, skills, and knowledge that prospective employees must have.

Stimulate Cash Flow

Some businesses experience cash flow issues because of overhead. They’re paying for every document employees print and every kilowatt-hour of energy that each employee’s computer consumes. If employees work from home, you reduce your overhead, which can free up cash for other purposes, such as product development or technological upgrades.

You could even move into a smaller office or building since you don’t have to reserve space for every employee. In areas like New York and California, you’ll save considerable money on real estate without cramming people into tiny cubicles.

Telecommuting gets a bad rap in some circles, but it’s actually highly effective. Whether you’re interested in gaining access to better talent or improving your balance sheet, consider letting your employees work from home, whether on a full-time or part-time basis.

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