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6 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Custom T-Shirts For Your Employees

When you’re starting a business, or looking of ways to expand your current operation, investing in custom t-shirts for your employees may not be your top responsibility-or anywhere near the top.

Lots of people view custom t-shirts as an unnecessary expense that takes a chunk out of the businesses profit pot, so we understand the apprehensive.

According to Codrin Arsene, CEO at Digital Authority Partners, “until I invested in custom apparel, I would have been tempted to agree with you.”

In fact, the reasons above are why it took so long for me to make the investment, but after seeing the results, I only wish I had the sense to do it sooner.

  1. It Provides An Easy Way To Stand Out In A Competitive Industry

In a world where you can find any product or service at your fingertips thanks to the internet, it’s never been more difficult to establish yourself as a frontrunner in a competitive industry.

It’s almost guaranteed that the strategies you have in place have already been tried by other companies, and if they haven’t yet, there’s little to stop them from copying you in the future.

One thing that is unique to your company, however, is your branding, and you should use this to your full advantage.

By placing your branding on a company t-shirt, you are building your brand authority by making it as visible as you possibly can.

Another important think, however, is that you are building trust with your potential future clients. Why would you display your logo so obviously if your business was inauthentic, after all?

  1. It Makes Employees Look Professional

In the same way that school uniform can bring pupils together, creating a custom t-shirt for your employees can help your business to present as a united front.

You could argue that your dress code is smart casual, making your employees appear smarter than they would in custom apparel, but I’d disagree.

After all, if you were to continue adhering to your current dress code, what identifies your employees as part of your company?

There’s no need to make such a big move from your current dress code either, as custom t-shirts don’t have to look casual.

Screen Print This provides a number of different options that you can choose from, so that the custom apparel you go with fits your brand perfectly.

They even offer more discrete options, such as embroidered cuffs, or black-on-black stitching, making it impossible to tell that you’re wearing custom t-shirts unless you worked for the company.

  1. Promotes Equality In The Workplace

Having strict dress codes in place not only makes you look the same as your competitors from a business standpoint, but it also promotes a sense of inequality.

After all, those who earn more are able to spend more money on the clothes they choose to wear to work, and they often do so.

This is all to commonly done to promote a sense of exclusivity for the higher-ups, separating them from those who work below them.

In lots of industries, this sense of inequality simply isn’t needed, and it can lead to a dissatisfied workplace.

By implementing custom apparel, you are making it clear to your employees that you don’t accept inequality.

Instead, you foster a family-like environment, where equality is the most important thing in your workplace.

You want people to feel like they belong, and are a valued member of the team after all, and this is a great way to demonstrate this.

  1. Free Advertisement Opportunities

What better way to advertise your company and make it stand out from competitors than to have it displayed on the chests of your employees?

This provides you with a way of targeting local businesses and individuals without necessarily pushing advertisements in their face.

The best thing about this method is that you don’t have to keep paying to remarket your services after the initial outlay has been taken care of, either, so this is a marketing ploy that will keep on giving long after you have earned back the initial loss in profit.

There’s even better news than that, though, as millennials have also started wearing t-shirts of companies they don’t even belong to, giving you a whole new target audience to invest in.

Whether you choose to start distributing these t-shirts through your business to the general public, or offer employees the chance to buy custom apparel for family and friends, getting your brand out there has never been easier.

  1. Increased Employee Loyalty

When we invested in custom apparel for our company, we didn’t even think of the impact wearing these t-shirts would have on our employees.

With this being said, we were very pleasantly surprised when we began to notice that employee loyalty had increased.

In fact, when we asked our employees to provide us with feedback about our recent investment, all of them reacted positively to the move.

It seems like our company isn’t the only one to have noticed these results, either.

In a study of 3700 Americans, it was found that 62% of employees are proud to wear custom t-shirts wherever they go, and 44% wore it to show company spirit.

  1. It Makes Employees Proud Of Where They Work

I can sit here and guarantee you with almost 100% certainty that every employer wants their employees to feel proud of where they work.

One big way of doing this is by providing your employees with a sense of belonging, and what better way is there to do that than to provide them with custom t-shirts that cement their place in your business?

Not only are you promoting the pride of your employees by doing this, but you are also displaying the value that you have towards the individuals working for you.

Research has shown that those who feel nurtured in their environment are prouder of the work they do, showing higher levels of satisfaction and a willingness to attend their workplace, with lower levels of absences reported.

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