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What Small Companies Can Do To Start Competing With Much Larger Companies

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Company expansion. Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

Running a small company means that there is a chance that a main competitor is far larger in terms of revenue and staff. The luxury that these companies have is throwing money at a problem but the facts are that small businesses are more flexible. The larger a company becomes the more people that have to approve a single decision while a small company might give their staff final decision on certain things. The following are tactics that can allow a much smaller company to start thriving and really compete again a much larger company.

Creative Digital Marketing Strategies

The most important part of running certain businesses is that of digital marketing. A great digital marketing team at an ecommerce business can have a small business dominating sales for a certain product. Create engaging content and find an influencer that aligns with the brand image to help catch up to larger competition. Influencers at times like to work with smaller companies as they can be more creative with the content they produce. Edgy content can be rejected by larger companies as it is hard to get approval from 5 levels of management for content that could be considered risqué.

Develop An App and Market It

A well-developed app can help make work processes scalable along with making customer experience better. People do not want to visit a company’s website if it is buggy on a mobile device and would much rather use an app that is easy and intuitive to use. App store optimization might need to be done but you need to research competitors before starting development. An app store keyword tool like this one helps with keyword suggestions can help in the development and marketing strategy. Once the app is complete you need to keep an eye on its ranking for certain terms with a tool like the one here This might show that you need to start marketing with a different keyword in mind as one is already ranked where you want it to be.

Leveraging Professional Relationships Garnered Over Years

One thing that a large company cannot compete with is relationships you have garnered over the course of years. This could be friends that work with specific companies or clients that you have done favors for such as hit a rush deadline by working through a long weekend nonstop. Reaching out to these connections can help immensely with clients as those that deal with clients should be building rapport every time they communicate. Knowing a person at a company that you are competing with a large business to sign can be that little advantage that helps the small company close the deal.

Provide A Much Higher Quality Customer Experience

Large companies can tend to make clients feel unvalued as the client could deal with numerous client managers over the course of a business relationship. Failure to implement an effective CRM can also damage relationships so small businesses need to take customer experience seriously. Take every issue a client brings to your small business seriously as lack of compassion or care might lead them to go to a larger company as it might be cheaper with the same low quality customer service.

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