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Business travelers guide to Maui

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Maui is indeed a much sought after destination, and not just for the holiday makers but the business travelers too. It is indeed like a haven as you swim under the waterfalls or snorkel above the reefs. Watch the wind-rustled palms cast soft and gentle shadows on turquoise waters or gaze at the sunrise from Haleakala Crater. This is a spot where anyone can relax and unwind. Thus, it is no wonder to see many business travelers arrive here to relax and unwind as well as boost their performance at work. Just book one of the Maui luxury homes for your stay and enjoy the vacation.

Why go for Maui vacation?
Maui adventure is just perfect for anyone and just the right size. Maui vacation means a never-ending supply of waterfalls, tours, pristine beaches, gardens and landmarks. Apart from those postcard-perfect beaches and gardens, there are tropical forests and volcanic landscapes. It boasts of intriguing history, exciting culture, and impressive wildlife. You can snorkel alongside f sea turtles or shimmy together with professional hula dancers.

When to go?
One can enjoy a Maui vacation just about any time as the temperatures remain pleasant throughout the year. The temperatures fluctuate between the 70s and 90s. However, the best months to visit are September through November and then April through May. Hawaii vacationers seek the spring and fall shoulder seasons when the weather is at its best!

Getting around Maui
It is very easy and convenient to explore Maui. The popular and deluxe form of transportation is the Lahaina-Lanai Ferry. One can always rent a car and travel at their own pace. However, perhaps one of the best way to explore Maui is by simply taking leisurely strolls through the beautiful sceneries and peaceful ambiance. Otherwise, one can take advantage of public transportation and shuttle bus.

It is always better to play safe and whether you are swimming or hiking, ensure that you are in safer zones. For example, it is not a good idea to hike alone or swim alone. Keep away from the areas that are crime prone. Always consult the weather and tide conditions before you enter the sea.

Culture & Customs of Maui
Maui boasts of rich history and culture, and its origin is based on a legend of the demigod, Maui. Travelers interested in the history and culture of Maui can get plenty of chances to keen. All they need to do is pay a visit to the Iao Valley, and the scenic valley is sure to offer them an insight into the tumultuous history of Maui. Take a walk through the Lahaina town to get a better understanding of plantation, whaling and trade history of Maui.

What to do and see in Maui
Although there is plenty to do and see in Maui, there is some attraction that is must explore.

The culinary feasts of Maui
Enjoy the phenomenal feasts of Maui, and you are sure to love the luxurious cuisines made from local and fresh ingredients and spices. Most of the products used in the cooking are handpicked at the island’s farms. Thus, the meats, vegetables, fish, and fruits used to prepare the cuisines are sure to make your mouth water. The experienced and expert chefs prepare international foods influenced by multicultural tastes.

Take a break from nature and sun
You can always explore the charming surf towns browsing the local boutiques. Nuage Bleu, Imrie, and Puka Puka are simply great for shopping resort wear essentials. Makawao town boasts of some great shopping times. Once you are tired from all that shopping, rest and enjoy local favorites and delicacies at the Fish Market and Mana Foods.

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