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Celebrity Divorce Can Be Big Business

Conclusion of the Contract.

With an estimated 40 to 50 percent of all marriages ending in divorce, divorce attorneys are generally quite busy. There seems to be a market for divorce lawyers virtually everywhere.

In the celebrity world, though, it seems that there is a higher demand for quality divorce attorneys, if for no other reason there are likely to be what are called a high-asset divorce – whether just one of the spouses is a celebrity, or both of them.

We have heard about these kinds of splits – Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Cruise and Katie Holmes, and even the breakup of “Brangelina” into “Bran” and “Gelina.” Not to mention Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

It may only seem like the more assets that are involved, the more likely there would be a divorce, but that is only perception. Actually, the more assets there are, it seems that the more difficult and complex the divorce is, which might mean that breaking up is a last resort instead of a first one.

What if you have a high-asset divorce that involves one celebrity and a spouse who is not that well-known, as we can say nicely? That seems to depend on the magnitude of the celebrity spouse.

Take the case of “Deadpool” actress Morena Baccarin, who is going through a divorce from her husband, Austin Chick. Baccarin, who also was prominent in “Homeland” and is currently starring in “Gotham, ” makes about $90, 000 a month while the ex brings in less than $1, 500 per month.

In the recent divorce settlement, Baccarin gets the two homes in Brazil and Los Angeles, while Chick gets the home in New York City. The couple has a 4-year-old son, and Chick will receive $3, 500 per month in child support and $60, 000 for one year of spousal support. Beyond that, Baccarin has agreed to pay Chick more than $400, 000 to balance out the property settlement.

These kinds of divorces where most of the assets are earned by one part of the couple can feature numbers that look very much out of whack because establishing a balance means large sums of money or assets moving from one direction to the other, instead of meeting somewhere in the middle.

Even when there is a single celebrity in a divorce, a high-asset divorce is very big business, and with the large dollar amounts that are thrown around, it can get complicated to make sure everything works out in a fair way so that both spouses think they are getting a reasonable settlement.

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