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Easy & Essential Ways to Protect Your Car From Winter Weather

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Winter is right around the corner, and before the temps drop to freezing it is high time to think about ways you can help your car to survive this harsh season. Winter weather is known to be particularly hard on cars especially in areas that experience very cold, snowy and wet winters like in the northern United States and Canada. Everything from the paint to the underlying metal components to the interior of the vehicle can be negatively affected if the vehicle is not properly maintained.

Keeping your car in tip top shape in winter does not have to take too much time or be very costly if you do a few basic things. The first step on the list is to keep the exterior of the car as clean as possible. This may seem difficult because winter is usually when your car gets the dirtiest with all the ice melt and rock salt that is applied to the streets.

If not washed away, the ice melt and salt can quickly corrode the car’s paint and accelerate the rusting process. The best solution is to get a professional car wash – one where the undercarriage of the car is cleaned – whenever the temperature hops above freezing.

According to a company specializing in car rentals in Toronto, another solution that can save money in the long run is getting your car oil sprayed in the fall. The entire underbody of the car is sprayed with a thick oil mixture that acts as a barrier between the car and the debris on the road, reducing the corrosive ice melt and salt from eating away at the car.

The next step is keeping tabs on all the rubber components on the car, from the window wipers to vital belts to the hoses around the engine. Rubber is particularly susceptible to damage from the cold. Having all rubber elements checked before winter will prevent any surprises in which the rubber rips, tears, or breaks.

Next, be cognizant of your car’s battery as an old battery that may have been functioning just fine can run out of juice seemingly suddenly in freezing temps. Again, the best preventative measure is to test the battery before the cold weather arrives. Likewise, keep your eye on the gas tank. Fluids in the gas tank can freeze if it gets cold enough, so make sure to keep the tank more than half full to prevent this from occurring.

Finally, remember to give some attention to the interior of your car. With all the sludge and muck that comes along with winter the easiest way to protect the carpeting is by using rubber floor mats. Luckily, rubber mats can be cut so they custom fit your car, they are relatively cheap to buy, and cleaning the mats is fast and simple – making keeping your interior clean just a little bit easier.

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