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Financial Careers with a Great Outlook in Washington and Vancouver


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

With so many changes occurring in the workplace, many jobs that used to be stalwarts are now scarce. This will continue as technology begins to gain more and more of the confidence of consumers. Typical jobs that required human interaction will then become the domain of machines and bots. This phenomenon will hit every industry and affects every level of job, particularly in high tech cities like Washington and Vancouver.

For example, in the finance industry, jobs like bookkeeper and other mid-level jobs run the risk of being made obsolete. Today software can mimic the skillsets of humans who currently occupy these jobs. And since they require more analytical thinking and precise calculations than personality and sales skills, they are prime to be usurped by technology.

So if you are in the financial industry is you job safe? Here is a list of a few jobs that will be popular for humans into the foreseeable future. If you have these skills you can rejoice. If not, perhaps you need to think about some additional training in these areas:

Financial Advisor

A financial advisor plays a wide range of roles for individuals and companies seeking to maximize the financial areas of their lives and businesses. Their job is to consult a client regarding their investments, insurance, taxes and financial expenses with a goal of improving efficiency and effectiveness for the client. Along these lines, a financial advisor becomes the key person connecting the client to other valuable members of financial team including stock and commodities brokers, insurance agents and tax planners. In many cases, the financial advisor is one of these experts and plays more than one role. Individuals like Dean Kirkland WA based financial advisor, play an important role in both individual and business finances as they use their deep knowledge of the financial sector to provide advice around the management of a client’s finances. Because their job requires so much human interaction and for confidence to be built and consistently maintained with clients, their jobs are stable and will continue to grow for humans in the future.

Tax Accountant

The complexities of taxation can be a major hazard for many individuals and businesses and it is for this reason that almost all smart ones have a tax accountant who looks after this very important are of their lives ad business. Good tax accountant have a comprehensive understanding of taxation laws and how to position a client so that they can legally pay the least amount of taxes necessary. A tax accountant must be up to date on all tax laws and be able to also anticipate where laws are going so that they can do tax planning form their clients. The job entails lots of interaction with clients and as a result finding machines to replace them will not be possible for a long time. Therefore this job area is safe for humans into the foreseeable future.

For those planning a career in the finance industry in Washington and Vancouver, knowing where to place yourself for future employment is a key concern. Make sure the career you pick will be as valuable in the coming years.

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