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Five Tips For Being A Better Landlord

Landlords come in all different types. You could simply rent a room in your own home to someone, or run an entire complex that has almost a hundred apartments. You could rent a house, a duplex, or even a trailer to tenants.

No matter what type of landlord you are, you want to do everything you can to be a good one. Landlords that aren’t good to their tenants can get a bad reputation, and if you get one of those it could be difficult to get a good tenant in your place, or any tenants at all. Here are some ways to up your landlord game.

Hire Someone Else To Do The Job

First and foremost, if you own a place that you could make money on by renting it out, but you have no skills when it comes to this “landlord” business, you can hire a property management company to do the work for you. This way you would still be bringing in money, but you’d ensure that things were getting done the right way (and the legal way).

Get With The Times

These days people are all about the convenience of the internet. That means that it is important for you to have things set up so that your tenants can pay rent online, and maybe even request repairs online. Give your tenants an email as well, where they can reach you if there is an emergency and they can’t reach you by phone. Even though most people are hyper-connected these days, sometimes you get an email before you get your voicemail.

Listen To Your Tenants

Your tenants have experience of what your rental spaces and properties are like, so make sure you are listening to them when they have complaints or suggestions. If you’re not on the property on a regular basis it can be easy to miss things, like missing shingles that could lead to a leaky roof or even a mole problem that could cause injuries to kids playing on the lawn.

Make Quick Repairs

Don’t dally when it comes to repairs. It’s likely that in your own home when something breaks down you give it a once over right away and call in a repair person. Give that same quality of care to your tenants when they need repairs in their place. No one wants to go five days with no hot water or no heat in the winter.

Screen For Better Tenants

Last, but definitely not least, better tenants can always help you be a better landlord. Learn to screen your potential tenants better. Don’t be afraid to do background checks and credit checks so that you know exactly who is moving into your property. Never skip out on checking references either!

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