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How Graeme Holm Improved Australia’s Finance Industry


Graeme Holm has worked in the financial industry for over 17 years. He spent his first 10 years working for large banking companies. While this allowed Holm to gain experience in this industry, he always felt that more could be done for the people around him. Unfortunately, Holm had no way to change things while working for large banking institutions. However, he knew that continuing to watch Australian families struggle to obtain home loan financing was not an option. With that in mind, Holm partnered with Rebecca Walker to form Infinity Group Australia. In this post, you’ll learn how this company helped change the way Australians obtain financing.

Holm didn’t begin this project until after performing extensive research. During these six months spent researching, Holm noticed that Australian families weren’t receiving the support they needed regarding home loans. In order to change this, Holm knew something had to be done. Considering that, Holm ensured that Infinity Group Australia would provide each client with their own personal banker. These bankers give each client guidance in the form of monthly reports, reviews, and assistance with budgeting. The results obtained by this firm speak for themselves. Statistics show that Infinity Group’s clients are able to eliminate, on average, $41,000 of debt within a year. In addition, many of Infinity Group’s clients are making progress in a few months that would have taken a year at their previous banking institutions.

Needless to say, Infinity Group Australia reviews have quickly begun to pop up all over the internet. Throughout many of these Infinity Group Australia reviews, you’ll find a common thread which is glaring praise for Holm and Walker’s company. Many reviewers noted how this firm was able to eliminate their financial concerns, especially in regards to obtaining a home loan. You’ll also find that many reviewers emphasize how friendly Holm and his staff are to each customer. Certain customers have even mentioned how this firm was able to completely transform their finances, something these people previously thought was impossible to achieve.

Considering the success of this company, it’s understandable to wonder what values Holm focuses on in the workplace. To be specific, Holm feels that a collaborative environment and innovation have helped him achieve success. In addition, Holm places a major focus on achieving a high level of customer service. Infinity Group also emphasizes how important it is to help out your community. Throughout their history, this firm has given away vehicles, scholarships, and complete home renovations to the people of Australia.

In closing, Graeme Holm has drastically improved the way Australian’s obtain home loan financing. With the help of his partner, Rebecca Walker, Holm researched and started a firm known as Infinity Group. Since this time, Holm’s accomplishments within the finance industry have led him to become an MBA Top 100 Broker. As of this writing, Infinity Group Australia currently has offices located in Bella Vista, Brisbane, Port Macquarie, Melbourne, and Cronulla. Holm’s plans for the future are to continue coaching Australian families regarding how to better manage their finances.

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