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Is a Mattress Enough to Help You Get Better Sleep?

Is a Mattress Enough to Help You Get Better Sleep? Image by Burst at

Is a Mattress Enough to Help You Get Better Sleep? Image by Burst at

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Many people are chronically sleep deprived, whether they realize it or not, and are constantly looking for ways to get better sleep. It’s recommended that normal adults get 7 to 9 hours of high-quality sleep every night, and kids and teenagers need even more.

If you know you’re getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night, or if your sleep is riddled with interruptions, you owe it to yourself to improve your sleep hygiene. Otherwise, you’ll make yourself vulnerable to the short-term and long-term effects of sleep deprivation, which include everything from lack of focus to increased susceptibility to various diseases.

One of your first thoughts might be purchasing a new memory foam mattress; after all, the quality of your mattress plays a major role in your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. But is a mattress enough to improve your sleep?

The Perks of a New Mattress

Investing in a new, high quality mattress can help you in several key ways:

These factors do, of course, assume that your current mattress is several years old, or else is not a good fit for your body.

Other Factors at Play

An old mattress may not be the only factor in your current sleep predicament, however. If you’re plagued by any of these factors, a new mattress may not be enough to revolutionize your sleeping habits:

So what’s the bottom line here? If your mattress is old or damaged, getting a new mattress is going to lead to a massive improvement in your sleep habits. However, it may not be the only thing currently interfering with your sleep. Make sure to take a full assessment of your current habits before you come up with a strategy for how to correct them.

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