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Keep Your Rockstar Sales Team Passionate Through Personalized Recognition

Keep Your Rockstar Sales Team Passionate Through Personalized Recognition

Your sales team works hard to qualify and close promising leads, and they deserve to be recognized for their efforts. Being in sales isn’t an easy career. Many professionals have invested years and thousands of dollars developing the skills they use to achieve the outstanding results that make your company shine.

When you think of recognizing your sales force, you probably think of giving them raises, cash bonuses, gift cards, or acknowledging them through a corporate memo. Those efforts are genuine, but too impersonal to make them feel truly recognized. Raising their pay to account for inflation is important, but it isn’t recognition.

To feel the authenticity of recognition, a person needs to be recognized for who they are in addition to what they’ve done. Recognizing someone involves more than saying, “thanks.” Recognition needs to be personal and specific.

For example, taking a minute to recognize a sales associate during a company meeting for “doing a good job” will make them feel good on the spot, but it won’t last. Recognizing them for saving the company $5,000 for spotting a dire mistake will go further because it’s specific. If that associate’s gift is spotting mistakes, that specific recognition will hold personal meaning and generate a sense of accomplishment.

How to personalize recognition

Personalizing recognition isn’t difficult when you know who your sales team members are. You don’t need to know every detail about their lives, but you should know enough to personalize the way you recognize them. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Don’t drop the ball

Handing out awards, pins, and plaques comes with the responsibility to ensure they’re delivered on time and in the appropriate manner. For instance, sometimes plaques are delivered several years late when nobody keeps track of anniversary dates. Or, service pins are given out mechanically, sometimes right after upper management has berated the employee for failing to meet a goal.

Sometimes awards are handed out at banquets, but if a person can’t attend, they don’t get the recognition or the award later on. Worse, some companies send employees cheap, generic trophies in the mail.

Recognition is the fuel that keeps your sales force on fire

Most professionals go years without being recognized for their specific talents. Some may feel worn out and unappreciated by the time they join your team. Proper recognition can go a long way to keep people motivated, happy, and inspired.

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