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Latest Research of Maca Powder: Is It Truly the Superfood of Love?

maca powder benefits

Maca powder benefits. Amazon image.

The spirit of romance is strong in the air, as it always is with St. Valentine’s Day fast approaching. Scientists seem to be as focused on love as the rest of the population now, though they use research instead of candlelit dinners to show it. One of the particularly ‘hot’ research topics today is superfoods and maca powder in particular.

It was believed that the maca powder product has potent aphrodisiac and fertility boosting effects. The latest studies show that these were not empty words.

What Is Maca Powder and How It Affects You

Maca powder is the powdered root of the maca plant (Lepidium meyenii) that originates from Peru. It’s a staple food in the local cuisine and has been celebrated for its fertility and virility boosting properties for thousands of years. The overall fertility of the Peruvian population shows that this might very well be true.

The exact mechanisms of maca effects aren’t researched thoroughly. However, the existing studies prove that:

Maca is also believed to help fight infertility and depression. However, these conditions are extremely complex and usually caused by a combination of many factors. Current studies of the maca powder effects on them are insufficient to make any solid conclusions. It’s true that this superfood is beneficial in some cases. However, it only works in the situations where the cause is directly related to nutritional issues.

The health benefits of maca come from its extremely high nutrient density. It truly is a superfood packed with vitamin C, calcium, 20+ amino acids, copper, magnesium, and a dozen other essential elements. They are easier for the body to process when consumed in powdered form. However, bear in mind that raw maca is much more nutritious than its gelatinized variety. All studies that prove actual health benefits of maca powder are conducted with the raw product.

How to Take Maca Powder for Boosting Your Health (and Love Life)

There isn’t a specific maximum safe dosage for maca powder. The people of Peru consume it in large amounts regularly and there isn’t any evidence of it being harmful. However, this product isn’t delicious, so many people can’t eat a lot of it.

It’s usually recommended to consume 1-3 tablespoons of raw maca root powder daily and take a 1-2-day break every week or so. If you have a sensitive stomach, consider starting with 1 teaspoon of powder.

The best way to enjoy maca is to add it to your morning smoothie. You can also mix it into a glass of juice or water if you don’t mind the taste. It will remain as effective if sprinkled on porridge or raw desserts. You can also add it to soups, stews, and baked goods. However, cooking will reduce the nutritional value and overall benefits of maca powder.

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