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Moor to Love: 3 Tips for Finding Your Shipyard Soulmate

Moor to Love: 3 Tips for Finding Your Shipyard Soulmate 1

Purchasing a yacht can be one of the more exciting experiences in your life. At long last, the freedom of open water is within your grasp, all on board your yacht (or even mega yacht!). One thing you may fail to consider in the purchasing process, is that you will need a long-term home for your yacht. Loading it onto a trailer is an intensive process, so you will want to find a home marina that offers amenities.

For instance, individuals who spend a lot of time on board their yacht will need to have the most optimal marine service centers at their disposal. Included here are a few things you should consider when looking for your shipyard home.

Shop for Rates

When you have to make a purchase or accept any monthly bill, you will analyze the cost. Yet so many people fail to look at marinas the same way. Remember that all shipyards are not created equal and you could receive very different service at marinas. Take time to shop for rates, keeping in mind which amenities are offered with which cost.


One of the poorest disservices you can do for yourself is to choose a marina that lacks security. You will spend time concerned about the safety of your yacht, as well as feel unsafe mooring late at night. A few things to prioritize in this area would be locked gates between public docks and your yacht slip, as well as fire prevention policies.

Since inclement weather is always something to pay attention to on the water, you will need to take this into account as well. Ask the marina what their plans are for protecting your yacht if the weather goes south, as well as what precautions you can take to protect your investment. Be aware that heavily trafficked marinas will have higher rates of boat incidents, so you may be at greater risk of collision heading in and out of your slip.


For many people, the most important aspect of a marina are the amenities. This could include a nice boardwalk around the boat slips, restaurants on the dock, laundry services, convenience stores, and more. If you truly want to spend a lot of time on your yacht, you will need the services to keep your yacht in top shape as well as keep yourself happy and comfortable on the water.

Many marinas are now offering yacht maintenance down at the marina, which is an invaluable service to yacht owners. Imagine never having to load up your yacht to take it in for service, but to have it cared for in the shipyard it calls home? It could save you large amounts of money in travel time, as well as expedite the process.

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