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Receivables Performance Management Reviews


Most if not all businesses can benefit from a good accounts receivables management. This is a comprehensive process involving various activities including detecting late payments in due time, determining customer’s credit rating in advance, detecting complaints in due time, maintaining customer relations, Receivables Performance Management Reviews helps in preventing irrecoverable debts and reducing total outstanding balances, among other tasks. Setting up a good accounts receivables management involves identifying the strategy and preparing appropriate procedures. Like most services that require expertise, it’s important to consider outsourcing receivables management.

As a national leader in accounts receivable management, Receivables Performance Management (RPM) is committed to providing exceptional results to customers. From media and utilities to Auto finance, telecommunication, commercial finance, healthcare, and small business RPM’s core business value sets it apart from competitors.

Results Driven Approach

The company’s process involves leveraging their intellectual capital and analytics to streamline the entire receivables process. A team of experts then develops strategic proposals and recommendations that add real value to the accounts receivable management process. By producing desired results, the company has earned the trust and loyalty of finance managers, accounts receivables managers and credit and collection managers across the country.

Founded in 2002 by accounts receivable expert and visionary leader, Howard George, the company has grown to employ more than 250 employees. Howard George has worked in the collection industry since 1983 and had an illustrious career in different top-level positions in the industry. From their headquarters in Lynnwood, CA, RPM offers services to clients across the county.

Custom Tailored Approach

Since every industry and business is different, RPM believes in providing a customized approach to every client. The company employs its vast amounts of experience, tools and expertise to get the results desired by their clients. RPM’s accounts receivables management process also involves determining the most favorable credit policy to keep clients and maintaining good relationships.

RPM’s success can be attributed to its ability to get desired results year after year. The company’s staff are the most valuable assets as they offer the expertise to support the firm’s culture, partnership policy, values and services.


By investing in modern technology, RPM is able to provide fast, efficient and reliable services while protecting any sensitive company data. The company is also committed to investing in technology that ensures clients receive prompt, accurate and meaningful information regarding their accounts.


Regulatory compliance is also a top priority. RPM takes pride in providing dedicated compliance services. They keep up with the most recent rules and regulations to help clients stay current with them as well. RPM also ensures al client accounts are handled properly and that all processes comply with today’s ever-changing regulatory climate.


RPM upholds a solid reputation. The company spends time to come up with innovative strategies and ideas that can not only improve operational efficiency but also benefit clients in learning about effective techniques that will work for their accounts receivables. They offer a broad range of receivables management services that include Outsourcing and Pre-Collection services, Small Balance Portfolio Services, Telemarketing services and Customized Dunning Notice Services, among others.

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