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U.S. Steel Tariffs Have Positive Impact at Home and Abroad

American workers have benefited from Donald Trump’s policies to bolster steel production and bring life to destitute towns. Ashland, Kentucky, is one such beneficiary experiencing a revitalizing of steel production and manufacturing. The effects aren’t limited to this side of the Atlantic

Increases in U.S. steel production could lower prices and act as a boon for countries such as Britain with many active steel manufacturers, such as Sterling Springs, in Hertfordshire, England. Although Britain produces its own steel, American companies make five times more. This gives top companies like Sterling Springs bargaining power when they purchase steel to make products such as metal springs and diaphragms.

Many Americans were surprised at Trump’s bold move, and USA Today hailed the President’s measure as a move that has helped low and moderate-income families more than any political move since Lyndon B. Johnson’s “war on poverty.”

A Miraculous Turnaround

A new mill in Ashland, nestled in the rugged Appalachia mountains, is a sign that things are turning around. For workers, Trump’s tax, trade and other policies have increased average wages in the field and improved the lives of the country’s poorest regions. Families are looking at this as a real opportunity to move up the economic ladder.

Ashland is in Boyd County, Kentucky, off Route 60, and along the banks of the Ohio River, close to the border of Ohio and West Virginia. At one time, the town boomed thanks to a steady demand for oil, coal and steel extracted from the land surrounding the town. Then, steel mills began to close their doors and people lost their jobs. Luckily, the town may be getting another chance for revival.

Meanwhile, savvy manufacturers at home and abroad are likely to use the occasion to bargain for pricing concessions to keep their costs down, which could translate into lower-priced steel goods. This shift in positive synergy should stimulate the U.S. and worldwide economies in this sector.

What’s Ahead?

Enforcing the steel tax leads to further increased production and revitalized towns, which is a win-win for working people who’ve felt disenfranchised for decades. All it takes is smart tax policies, the strength to hold your ground and the willingness to take advantage of available training programs to help displaced employees find work.

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