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Ways to Improve Team Productivity and Efficiency

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No matter it consists of 10 or more than a hundred members, leading team efficiently is not an easy job. Poor teamwork is one of the major reasons behind an underperforming organization or company. If overall productivity of a business is on average or less than average, there is nothing wrong to say that they are not serious with their jobs and are unengaged at work. Improving team efficiency and productivity is not only beneficial for the business but for the team members as well. Handling all your team members with tact enables them complete professional goals effectively to boost overall operational efficiency of the business or company.

In this article, I will discuss different ways to improve team productivity and efficiency that bosses and team leaders can take to improve team’s performance ultimately.

Set Attainable Goals

Working towards targets without setting up specific goals sounds like travelling in a desert without having map. Setting attainable goals is the only way to take control of how your team members should be spending their efforts and times. Think about what you want them to complete and divide the big tasks into easily attainable and measurable goals. Outline the goals and analyze the capacity of your team to build a plan of action accordingly to get the job done in a best possible way.

Let them Know your Expectations

Effective communication is the key to successful team management. So, meet your team and let them know your expectations for their respective duties and roles. Tell them the priorities you want them to focus more on and how much time you expect them to dedicate for specified tasks. Also tell them about the thing they shouldn’t be doing while working for chosen goals.

Equip Them with the Right Tools & Solutions

Evolving technology is changing the way we live and work. That’s the reason, investing in the latest project and team management solutions could be a great step in boosting efficiency and productivity of your team. Having the best project management software at place can significantly help in effective work management and enhanced collaboration between the team members. Features and benefits offered by such software like instant messages, group chat and ability to make quick changes in the workflow can take the productivity of a team to a whole new level.

Know their Strengths and Weaknesses

Everyone has some amazing qualities and talents to do different things greatly. As a team leader, you need to recognize the strengths of your team members that can be used to accomplish professional goals proficiently and the weaknesses that they need to overcome for optimum performance. Find out and tell them about the hidden gifts they own and how they can put their skills to good use. Making each of your team member use his/her strengths and skills accordingly will contribute a lot to make your workplace productive and better too.

Set Communication Expectations

Communication is one of the most vital things to be considered when it comes to effective team management. Lack of communication means miscommunication, which creates a lot of troubles and failures as well. A professional team leader or project manager always ensures effective communication to keep all team members engaged. Communication gap leads to several misunderstandings and confusions among team members that ultimately impact on the overall productivity and efficiency of a team.

Praise a Job Well Done

Recognition of efforts and great work done always boost confidence, moral and efficiency of workers. Praise and tribute make employees fulfilled and they are more productive when appreciated for the job well done. Appreciating your team members in front of the higher authorities can do wonders in terms of increased productivity and efficiency at workplace.

Give Your Team Members Incentives

Give them a reason to perform better than before. Presenting them with monetary incentives and bonuses is a superb way to boost their productivity at workplace. Employees always want their efforts admired and when they get something extra than committed, they are more likely to provide great performance by going beyond their limits. Organizing annual prize distribution events is the best way to provide your team members an entertainment factor and incentives as well. Paid Vacations, official dinners, and bonuses are some commonly used tactics to keep employees fulfilled for better performance.

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