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Why Every Business Needs Customer Experience Analytics Solutions

Business has wholistically advanced to a whole new level. When the modern-day shopper decides to purchase an item online, their decision is entirely influenced by research. They focus on various aspects such as the product rating, purchases made and the number of product reviews.

However, with the help of customer experience analytics solutions, merchants are able to identify the number of buyers who visit the site, those who leave the site without converting, and buyers who abandon cart without checking out.

Therefore, when you use customer experience analytics, you get:


The most important aspect of using customer experience analytics is the ability to personalize. Statistically, more than 50% of visitors slightly navigate the site, without finding their intended products. With the help of customer experience analytics, sellers are able to personalize their e-commerce website, therefore converting visitors to potential return customers.

Increasing sales

Analytics enable sellers to tailor product suggestions to visitors. For example, when you purchase a pair of trousers or a fancy dress from an e-commerce store, normally a colorful shirt or some matching pair of shoes pop from the suggestion. You are automatically tempted to buy them as well. Consequently, this increases potential sales.

What customer experience analytics solutions have to offer

Web Analytics

Web analytics provide a sure way of determining the market trend by analyzing consumer behavior when they visit your e-commerce website and online market trends. For example, when a consumer purchases an item, they are required to key in their shipping address. With the help of geocoding, merchants can tell products commonly bought in certain regions, therefore personalizing ads.

Also, geocoding enables the seller to recognize their clientele distribution, whether local or international. This analysis enables the seller to evenly distribute products, hence minimizing upfront shipping costs payable by potential customers. Consequently, the reduction in shipping costs translates to pocket-friendly prices on products, thereby attracting a wide array of clientele.

Cart abandon rate

Cart abandon rate refers to the number of users who add items to cart but fail to complete a purchase, in relation to the total number of checkouts placed. A high cart abandon rate could possibly mean that consumers fail to trust your checkout methods or some payment options aren’t working.

Client Satisfaction

There are multiple ways internet users get to communicate and socialize. Social media and community forums are some of the platforms where both satisfied and unsatisfied customers get to share their contentment or grievances. Customer experience analytics solutions enable sellers to quickly respond to customer grievances while taking note of sensitive feedback.

Customer experience analytics enable sellers to identify the number of repeat clients who visit their e-commerce site as well. According to research, more than 60% of repeat visitors have a probability of checking out. Moreover, they have an increased chance of spending 50% more than first-time customers. With this in mind, it goes without saying that customer experience analytics solutions are the way to go!

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