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Why Landing Pages are Critical for Businesses

Few things today are more business critical than your landing page. It offers many benefits to your business, when done well. However, getting it wrong can hurt your business as much as doing it write can help. That is why it’s important to use a landing page builder to help you build a productive, highly effective lead generating funnel for greater digital marketing success.

Offers an Opportunity to Build Trust With Your Audience

This page serves are your virtual “welcome” mat. It’s your first opportunity to establish trust with potential customers. While different businesses use landing pages differently, some to generate leads, others to facilitate sales, the ultimate goal is to help your business make more money.

Many will argue that it is much more effective to use the landing page to encourage visitors to sign up for an email newsletter from your business.


Because that offers you more time to establish the trust necessary to encourage visitors to become customers. It takes a small amount of trust to hand out an email address. That is fairly simple to establish in a few short seconds. It takes more trust to get customers to pull out their wallets and spend money. Daily, weekly, and even monthly newsletters can help build that kind of trust over time.

Your landing page is the first step.

Why are Landing Pages Necessary?

It might appear that landing pages are a distraction from the sale you’re trying to make. That is simply not true. Landing pages are very focused pages that serve to clear the noise and clutter of your main page allowing your audience to focus on specific, targeted information.

This is perfect for businesses that have simple, well-defined goals and allows you to issue your own call to action (CTA) at the end of the page that tells visitors precisely what you want them to do:

The most effective use of your landing page is to get them to sign up for your newsletter or a free quote or consultation. Give them something of value for sharing their email addresses and a few moments of their time with you. It makes the relationship seem two-sided to the customer rather than transactional and that goes a long way toward building essential trust.

Now that you understand how important landing pages are, what remains is to learn some of the best landing page building features you want to have. The more you know, the better your landing pages will be.

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