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What To Do When Your Social Media Budget Is Really Low?

low social media budget. image by Gerd Altmann, pixabay.

Social Media Budget. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Social media budgets average a few hundreds of dollars per day in most industries so it can be quite hard for small businesses to figure out what to do when they have just $100 per month or less to spend.

No matter how much money is available for spending, the goal is always to spend money in an appropriate way so that results can appear. Small businesses need to be careful with every single dollar they spend so what can be done if the budget is really low?

Here are some suggestions to consider.

Keep in mind that every single business has a specific audience and niche that is to be served. This is why a good social media program needs to be tailored for the individual company.

Graphics – Videos – Photos

In social media, graphics are much more important than anything else. It is really important to use high quality graphics and videos. Not every business has the budget needed to buy a Shutterstock membership like Cryptoext. Some need to save money. Try to use services like Canva for some quick social media graphic design or Unsplash for some free photographs that can be used.


When the goal is to grow social media influence, advertising is really useful. There are many things that have to be considered with social media advertising. In order to get started, read guides online. Test advertising with a small budget, like $5 per day to be sure to tweak campaigns for the best possible results. Never underestimate the power of social media advertising when the budget is limited. This simply makes it much simpler for the brand to be exposed to an audience. A completely organic approach always takes more time.

Social Media Management

A great way to stand out is to constantly post content on social media. Unfortunately, this is really tough to do for many small businesses since not much time is available. Using social media management tools like Buffer or Hootsuite is a very good idea since they help manage absolutely all social media profiles from just one place. Both of these systems can be used to schedule posts in advance and completely control the business’ social media presence.

Social Media Analytics

Most social media management tools can provide access to analytics but it is possible to take things further when the budget is low. This is due to the fact that more information can be extracted from specialized social media analytics tools. The more you learn about the audience, the easier it is to give them great content, which should be a huge priority for any business.

Hire A Freelancer

This is one of the simplest things any business could do to grow the reach of social media profiles with a limited budget. Try to find those freelancers that are specialized in social media management and marketing. Using a freelancer as opposed to a staff member is always better because of the experience that is brought to the table, that the business doesn’t have to create over time through training that must be paid for.

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