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2018 Technology Trends That Will Dominate Big Data, IoT and AI


Technological advancements have enabled our lives to become better, simpler and smarter than ever. With rising use of technology in almost every field nowadays, it’s hard to imagine what our life would look like without the same. There are technologies that evolve and revolutionize our lives in better ways. Let’s see in this article which technological trends would dominate the current year and how.

1. Internet of Things

Everything around us has changed with the advancements and progresses we have made in technology. These days people who have internet connectivity are learning how to make money with bitcoin, using internet to promote their business, see traffic and do numerous such things which benefit them in one way or other. Internet of things in simplest of words can be said to be a network of devices around us and connectivity between them to share, analyze and exchange data for making our lives easier and better. Every device around us is getting smart. Right from phones to watches, television sets and traffic systems. The data gathered by one device is used by other devices and in the end makes everything connected in a useful way. This has been gaining huge popularity and would definitely be trending for year 2018 and even thereafter.

2. Enterprise Content Management and rise of Big Data

Whether you are a small organization or a giant corporation, enterprise content management is an indispensable component of your technological roadmap. The way millions of terabytes of data is handled in a secure, functional and searchable fashion is possible only via robust and powerful data-processing software. The demand and need of such software is increasingly high these days and sometimes even such software are not enough. In scenarios where the data sets become so huge that the content management systems fail to deal with the complex requirements and nitty-gritties, Big Data come into picture. Big Data includes the data sets for humongous amount of data and tries to focus of the data storage, analysis, sharing, doing multiple operations and making most out of such complex set of data. Without a doubt, the large amount of data which can be structured or unstructured provides the capability to give us more than their individual content. Such large data sets can be used to predict behavior and analytics which can change the way business is done.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning

Machine learning and AI is amongst one of the hottest and trending technologies of our times. The ability to let Machines learn from data and behave in a smarter way is something that lures everyone in general and businesses in particular. Imagine the reduction in tasks, helpful and cognitive decisions that can be taken, smart and useful auto-responders and the elimination of dependencies of human being present everywhere. Each regular update and development in the field of Machine learning and AI trends a lot these days.

4. Automation

Automation is not a term coined today. It has existed for a long time and companies have understood the importance of extending automation in their respective areas for a long time. There is yet a lot that needs to be done. Automation can not only lead to a reduction in a lot of unwanted wasted time and efforts but also ensure greater accuracy and human independent outcomes.

There are many technologies that have existed for a long time and will always be trending for one reason or another. Staying abreast of such technological trends always helps individuals and companies to capitalize on these technological trends, plan and hire resources with such skills and stay ahead of their competition.

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