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3 Apps That Are Taking Over Text Messaging

When it comes to communication in this modern age text messaging has taken over as an effective and efficient form of transferring information immediately. Gone are the days of the standard form of communication being picking up the phone and dialing your friends. Sending a text is a fast way to get your message across which the majority of people use dozens of times a day.

As the popularity of text messages increase, however. Apps emerge which offer alternative features and platforms in order to send your message across. From new emoticons to alternative instant messaging formats, here are some of the apps that are taking over traditional text messaging.

Music Messenger

Music Messenger is an alternative messaging system which allows the user to send a song. For the moments when words just aren’t enough to get your message across it’s a fun messaging platform between friends to share sounds and moods that encompass what they are trying to say.

Users can download the application for free on a smartphone and enjoy having thousands of songs at their fingertips to choose from. After choosing a song you can send immediately to a person of your choice.


Once upon a time free international text messaging was unique to Blackberry owners. However, WhatsApp was created for the iPhone as an alternative for non-Blackberry users before the introduction of free iPhone to iPhone international messaging offered through data or wi-fi.

WhatsApp has branched out beyond the Apple store and is now available on any smartphone making it a free text messaging platform for anyone regardless of whether they have the same phones or not.

Users can send video, photos, sound clips, and choose from a variety of emoticons. You can personalize your background, and contacts in your phone are automatically added to the app.

Facebook Messenger

For those people who use Facebook regularly and enjoy the convenience of having everything in one place, the messenger application offered through Facebook is a fantastic alternative to traditional text messaging.

In addition to its media sharing capabilities, users can also enjoy HD video chats and the ability to send back and forth sound bites.

One of the best features of Facebook messenger is the group chat feature. This can be extremely useful for making plans with large groups of people and needing to have one singular conversation thread to solidify details.

The application is free and there is no advertising which many people prefer to endless banners trying to sell you products or click on third party websites.

Users can customize their emoji’s, and even choose what color text they would like within their conversation. This ability to personalize the graphics makes it a heavy competitor to traditional text messaging which can’t boast the same features.

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