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Email marketing has the power to transform your company’s profit margin while providing your subscribers with relevant content to match their individual needs. As a result, it can be a great marketing strategy to build a long-lasting relationship with a customer. Want to send emails that deliver success every time? Read the five golden rules of email marketing.

Naturally Grow Your Email List

Don’t be tempted to buy an email list because there probably will not be many people on the other end to receive or open your messages. The best way to create a healthy mailing list is to allow it to grow naturally. Create a sign-up form that allows people to opt-in to your newsletter at their leisure; this will ensure you send emails to subscribers who want to hear more from you and will be reflected in your open and click through rate.

Utilize Segmentation

How many times have you signed into your email account to find a barrage of emails that are not applicable to your needs? We’re guessing countless times. The chances are, you probably unsubscribed from a newsletter or deleted the email right away. If you fail to provide your customers with relevant messages, you can guarantee your emails will end up in a subscriber’s junk mail with the rest of the spam.

Segmentation allows you to split customers into categories so you can provide each group with relevant communications to match their individual needs. This will prevent them from receiving emails that provide little or no value. Don’t forget to send an email to an inbox based on a customer’s time zone to boost your open and click through rate.

Create Customer Journeys

Marketing automation software by MailChimp is free and allows you to create a customer journey that will help to nurture and retain your subscriber list. The automated emails are designed to build a relationship with the customer; you can welcome them to the mailing list, wish them a happy birthday or provide a reward for their loyalty. As the emails are automated, you can schedule messages that will automatically deliver, leaving you to focus on developing your marketing strategies.

Personalize Your Content

Treat a subscriber like a VIP by personalizing your content to match their name, age, gender and location. This will not only help to provide relevant emails, but it will showcase your commitment to customer service, which will encourage trust in your products and services. Personalize content by adding their name in the subject line or within an introduction.

Thorough Reporting

No email marketing campaign is perfect, and there is always room for improvement. That’s why it’s essential to embark upon thorough campaign reporting. Monitor everything from how many people opened your email, clicked on a link, to how many people unsubscribed from a mailing list. By learning where you are going wrong, you can create a more successful strategy that will drive traffic to your website and boost your conversion rate, while ensuring customers return to your services time and again