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6 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Great ideas of Instagram stories to get greater amounts of followers

Many businesses are aware that Facebook has modified their policies. So, entrepreneurs are now resorting to Instagram for online visibility. Everyone from a local, family-run business to a huge global brand wants to increase their Spanish Instagram followers.

Note that Instagram has over 500-million active users around the world. 80% of these accounts are now following at least oneor two businesses. So, it’s obvious that online marketers want to earn income through their Instagram accounts.

Spanish marketers are now seeking Spanish Instagram followers for visibility. That’s why they need a strong community of followers, so there can be users viewing their posts while getting more customers to maximize sales. To increase your Instagram fan base, here are helpful tips to get you started.

Share an Eye-Catching Image

On Instagram, you can share different photos. Ensure your pictures are good, so you can have more followers investing on your site. You can also post compelling contents with eye-catching photos, that provide followers details about your products and get them interested.

Like Photos in Your Niche

Never forget that Instagram is a social network for users to interact. To get more Spanish Instagram followers, you can like several pictures in your market and get them interested in following you. It also helps, according to ingramer if you leave comments that are genuine and not spammy. Also follow other accounts that you like to make you more visible.

Use the Right Hashtags

If you use the right hashtags, you can possibly gain followers on Instagram. More people search out specific hashtags and photos with hashtags can just be waiting for them to be viewed. Hashtags aid your content to reach a huge market that may have nothing to do with your account. In short, they may not follow you specifically. But by using hashtags, you can improve the views of your content significantly.

Organize Contests

To gain more Spanish Instagram followers, you can organize contests and give out rewards or freebies. If they get free stuff, it motivates them to be engaged in your brand. Just be creative in your contest ideas. You may want to post an amusing photo and a follower who comes up with the best caption can win a prize.

Advertise on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram doesn’t have to look different from your regular posts. Your followers won’t even realize you’re bombarding them with lots of promotions. You can choose basic advertising formats, such as photos, videos, carousels and slideshows. They will look like a normal Instagram post but with sponsored labels. Just ensure the ads are directed to your target audience.

If you have Spanish followers on other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, you can invite these people to follow you on Instagram. Have them connected to your Instagram account so easily.

There are thousands of Spanish Instagram followers hooked to the site for personal or business purposes. So, ensure you capture high-quality photos and videos on your cameras or smart phones and write a compelling content to increase your popularity.

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