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AI-Enhanced New Yarbo Yard Robots at CES 2024

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CES 2024, Las Vegas: Yarbo Inc., known for its innovations in automated yard care, unveiled its latest line of AI-enhanced yard robots at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The announcement reflects the growing trend in home automation technologies and Yarbo’s efforts to advance in this competitive market.

The company’s newly launched Yarbo Core represents an evolution from its previous Universal Body design, aimed at offering more stability and versatility in yard maintenance tasks. This modular system is designed to accommodate a variety of yard care functions, including snow removal, lawn mowing, and leaf blowing. The Yarbo Core’s design facilitates the attachment of different modules, such as the S1 snow blower and a salt spreader, enabling dual functionality without the hassle of changing tools.

Yard Robots by Yarbo

Yarbo yard robots. Image by Yarbo.

Yarbo segmented the Yarbo Core into two models: the Advanced Core, which includes substantial performance enhancements, and the Essential Core, a more basic version that offers remote control capabilities while retaining essential features. The introduction of the S1 Plus, an upgrade to the S1 Snow Blower, is notable for its ability to clear up to 16 inches of snow and improved obstacle detection using binocular cameras.

Looking ahead, Yarbo’s 2025 product roadmap includes the Vision IQ Module, integrating binocular cameras for yard surveillance. This addition emphasizes the company’s focus on AI, promising to provide natural language interaction and user-following capabilities during yard work.

In recent months, Yarbo announced several new products, indicating a continuous expansion of their yard care range. These include a power sweeper, snow plow, and a 24/7 security surveillance system, all of which align with the company’s aim to offer a comprehensive, AI-driven solution for yard maintenance.

Yarbo’s presence at CES 2024 highlights the increasing incorporation of AI and automation in everyday home maintenance tasks, signifying a shift towards more technologically advanced and efficient yard care solutions.

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