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Boundaries Bring Freedom: Can Geofencing Advertising Work for a Home-Based Business?

geofencing advertising

79 percent of consumers take action on their phones before they buy something.

They visit a website or app, compare prices, or look at products. They study your social profiles and read online reviews.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could reach people on their phones at the exact moment they’re looking for your products?

Meet geofencing advertising.

Geofencing creates a virtual boundary. It pushes notifications, text messages, and ads to a mobile device in a specific location.

It accesses the mobile device user’s GPS and WiFi/cell data to deliver a message. It’s the hyper-local version of location-based marketing.

Large retailers and businesses have used geofences for a long time. But does it make sense for a home-based business?

Keep reading to learn how geofencing can help consumers discover your business.

How Does Geofencing Work?

Geofencing is a location-based mobile service. It combines device-level IP address interaction with GPS and cellular network data.

Geofencing makes it possible for businesses to send notifications to a consumer’s phone.

Use geofencing technology to draw a virtual perimeter around your real-life business. It tracks when someone enters or leaves the perimeter.

When someone enters the area it triggers an alert or advertising. It sends ads, sales, and promotions to smartphone users. It’s the digital version of a point of sale displays.

The click-through rate for geofencing is higher than push notifications. Geofencing increases the number of people who click on promotional messages.

Get Creative with Geofencing Advertising

Small, home-based businesses aren’t as well known bigger brands. Geofencing introduces your products and services to potential clients.

Use geofencing for more than nearby locations. Buy and set up geofencing in other places that make sense. Create a geofence near a competitor or related business.

If you’re a personal trainer, buy geofencing near local gyms and sports stores. Send consumers at those locations a discount for your business.

Geofencing in related locations is good for home-based businesses without public retail space.

A Cost-Efficient Marketing Method

Geofencing only advertises to relevant consumers when they’re in the right place. It’s perfect for businesses with a small marketing budget.

Geofencing allows a business to create its own ad channel. A one-man shop can compete with bigger businesses.

A small business can customize a geofencing plan to fit their budget.

Customers Like Notifications

A recent study shows push notifications increase in-app engagement by 88%. The study also revealed 50% of app users find push messages useful.

Most consumers think geofencing notifications provide valuable information. Think about it. Who doesn’t want a 50% coupon when they’re about to buy something?

Geofencing for Home-Based Businesses

Geofencing is a useful marketing tool that makes sense for small home-based businesses. It’s a smart digital marketing strategy that can match your budget.

The good news is you don’t have to buy or build an app. Geofencing marketing software is available.

Want to reach customers when they’re ready to buy? Try geofencing advertising. It’s a useful tool for growing sales and customer awareness.

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