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Artificial intelligence, or AI, is making its way into more businesses, who are now using the technology to automate core operational tasks. What was once deemed science fiction has become a reality.

For consumers, products like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant use voice recognition to make everyday life easier. From checking the weather to researching information and even ordering a pizza, these devices have invaded homes around the world.

Self-driving vehicles and wearable technology are poised to change the healthcare and transportation industry as we know it – and in the not-so-distant future.

Harvard Business Review predicts that AI will affect the economy and our lives in similar ways to the steam engine, combustion engine and electricity. In other words, AI is a serious game-changer.

More businesses are leveraging the power of AI to automate operational tasks that are redundant and time-consuming.

Drift is helping businesses improve the quality of their customer service. Specializing in automated conversational marketing, Drift ensures that a salesperson is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Their intelligent chatbots, powered by AI, can engage with customers while answering questions about the company, booking sales calls and even qualifying visitors as leads. In the future, such technology may even be applied to bulk text messaging marketing services. Drift’s service eliminates the need for visitors to fill out forms and allows businesses to enjoy an additional sales channel without having to hire a new employee.

Adobe Sensei is using AI to solve a problem in the content-creation world: massive photo libraries. It’s not uncommon for businesses to accumulate a massive library of photos. They create content, and often create new photos to go along with that content. These photos fall to the wayside, never to be used again because they’re too hard to find.

Adobe Sensei uses AI, deep learning and machine learning to identify the contents of photos and auto-tag them. The auto-tagging feature makes it easy to search a photo database to find relevant images for content.

Sensei also offers the Adobe Experience Cloud, which delivers personalized content to customers.

In the business world, AI is being used in new and exciting ways. By automating time-consuming tasks, businesses are free to focus on more important, core tasks. Adobe Sensei and Drift are just two of the many companies that are making it possible for businesses to use AI in their everyday operations.