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A Personal Alarm Gives the Elderly Their Independence Back

A personal alarm can be extremely beneficial to the elderly person who lives alone and who has no one to help them if they get hurt or fall down and can’t get back up. Many seniors prefer to live at home, and they do for many years, but it can also be a dangerous situation for them unless they have at least some level of security. PersonalAlarms.org is a great website for finding an alarm for yourself or a loved one.

A Convenient and Portable Alarm

They offer a useful “Anywhere Alarm” that can be used at home or when you leave the house. You can keep connected to loved ones in the event of an emergency, and its “Find Me” function uses GPS, and the talking pendant offers a talk and listen feature. The all in one device that they offer also have a fall detection sensor that will immediately call for help if it detects that the person wearing it has fallen and it is easy to use.

The elderly can also be a target for some because they may think that they are more vulnerable due to their age or limitations of movement. They may be more susceptible to a break-in or robbery, and if they have a personal alarm around their neck, they can call for help in an instant. Wearing a visible alarm can also be a good deterrent to someone who may try to take advantage of the elderly.

SureSafeGo alert alarms offer around the clock security as well as protection and make it possible for the elderly to live independently without sacrificing their safety. With these alert alarms, help is never far away and all you need to do is push a button. They are also ideal for those who do not have a telephone landline.

A Better Chance for Survival

Stroke survival reduces by four percent every 15 minutes, and 60 percent of heart attack deaths happen in the first hour. If you or a loved one has a SureSafeGo alert alarm around your neck, they can push a button and increase your chance of survival by as much as 80 percent. There is also a bracelet option for those who would prefer that over a necklace. It is still just as easy to push the button on the bracelet than on the necklace.

It is important to get immediate help when something happens, and it could even save your life. It can also help to ease any anxiety that you may have if you live alone and it will make your loved ones feel better as well knowing that you have protection any time that you need it. With one of these personal alarms, you can be free to travel and to enjoy your favorite pastimes without any fear of falling or getting lost or even attacked because you know that help is never far away.