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Four Things You Need To Be Doing To Protect Your Computer

Whether you work on your computer or you just use it for social media, you need to be protecting it in many ways. If you don’t have the right protection hackers can get information from you easily, and even ruin your computer. You also run the risk of things like credit card fraud if you’re doing much shopping online.

It doesn’t take a lot of work or even a lot of money to make sure that you are protecting your computer. You just need to find the right things to do, do them, and keep them up-to-date. Here are some tips.

Pay Attention To Usage

Using can mean a few things when it comes to the world of technology. First, you want to know how much of your CPU you are using when it comes to storing, using, and moving data on your computer. When it’s a much-used work computer this is even more important. Usage can also refer to what your computer is being used for, especially when it comes to employees and work time.

Since you are likely using your smartphone even more for work these days you also may want to pay attention to data usage. Generally, you can do this right through your phone, depending on your service provider.

Virus And Malware Protection

What you do on your computer won’t matter if you pick up a virus and everything stops working. Viruses and malware attacks can shut down your computers, and it can also risk valuable information being stolen. Many of the chain stores that have had security breaches in which customer credit info has been stolen started with a malware attack.

Virus and malware attacks are different things, so they need different types of protection. Malware and adware attacks can cause strange pop ups and allow your vital info to be stolen. Viruses can allow info to be stolen as well, and generally, make your computer unable to work properly. You should have protection downloaded for both (even on your tablets and smartphones).

Cleaning It Up

You’ll do a lot of good for your computer if you keep it cleaned up. Using programs like CCleaner can help you keep your computer(s) running at a higher performance. You also want to make sure that you are clearing your internet browsing history and cookies from time to time, which will help your internet move faster.

Block Certain Sites

Whether you want to keep employees off of social media during work, have someone sneaking onto your home computer to watch porn, or you simply want to make sure that sites that could slow your computer down or may not be the safest places to visit in the internet world are blocked from anyone going there. You can block sites from employees and even your kids.

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