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How to Create Newsletters That People Are Excited to Open

How to Create Newsletters That People Are Excited to Open 1
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Remember the attitude you had when you decided that you should send newsletters to your clients? You were excited about keeping them posted, watching the clicks the first newsletter brought to your website, looking forward to creating and sending the next one. Are you still that enthusiastic about sending your newsletters or did they lose their buzz?

If you are not excited about the emails you send to your customer, they won’t be interested in them either. Here is how to write newsletters that will keep prospects on their toes and eager to read them.

We know how difficult it can be to resist the temptation of including tons of information that you find useful in your newsletters, but that can do more harm than good. On the other hand, sending numerous separate emails in a short period may classify you as spam, so try to organize your information by category.

For example, don’t send the latest community news together with a promotional flyer and a new blog post announcement. The information is too scattered for your audience to follow.

Once again, less is more when it comes to newsletters. Only select relevant information to put in it, such as an acquisition, a new product, new contest or giveaway.

Also, time this information right. Most often, newsletter subscribers are told from the beginning that they have an advantage over the other customers. Subscribing should guarantee them that they will find out first about certain promotions and that there is some kind of a member discount.

Your first new news letters should be about preparing your readers for what’s to come. Let them know from the start if they can select any subscription preferences, like frequency our topics.

Next, tell them what to expect from being subscribed: will there be any exclusive offers? How often will they get them? When should they expect to receive the newsletter?

The subject line is like your newsletter email business card: It is supposed to make your email stand out in the inbox and persuade prospects to open it. Catchy subject lines are the perfect combination between information and promotion.

When writing your subject line, try to include a few keywords, but be careful not to make the subject too long. It should still be readable from the inbox view.

Make sure to follow the common guidelines when creating your newsletter. Always include the unsubscribe button and mention it. Also, add links to the newsletter and verify each one of them to make sure the jump is correct.

Check out what your email looks like in different email service websites by sending out a test batch each time. Also make sure to include personalized information, such as the name of the recipient or approximate location.

A call to action button is essential in ensuring prospects not only read your emails but also take action. Think about what you want them to do and tell them that. Do you want them to follow a link to your new blog post or enter their info for a contest? Let them know.

Limit yourself to only one CTA, as including more will only confuse your audience.

  1. Don’t Over Complicate the Design

You may be tempted to create a shiny, sparkly, colorful newsletter that really pops out, but creating a design that is too complicated will make you look tacky and annoy your prospects. Keep your newsletter email simple and clean.

If your email contains any images, make sure you add alt text to them. That will show in place of the pictures when these are deactivated.

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Your email newsletters should have a predictable frequency and contain relevant information. They are meant to keep your customers updated about your brand and help them collect the benefits of subscribing.

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