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Information About The Benefits Of LED Fog Lights

LED lighting technology has become the most popular choice to replace the more traditional halogen light bulbs in a number of applications. LED car lights are now a popular choice, with more and more drivers choosing LED interior lights, brake lights and fog lights. Yet the question remains whether the LED fog light are in fact a better choice in comparison to the halogens.

Halogen Fog Lights

The halogen bulbs has been in use for vehicle lighting over many years. Many vehicles today still feature the traditional Halogen Fog lights. Even though this technology is a lot older, there are still a few advantages when it comes to choosing halogens over the LEDs. The main advantage is the fact that Halogen Fog lights usually come as the standard. If your car already features halogen bulbs, then it is much easier carry on using them. While the process of converting halogens to a LED fog lights, a few drivers still prefer to stay with the halogens to prevent any complications or hassles.

The upfront costs is also less, where halogens at this stage are still cheap in comparison to the LEDs, because the LEDs is still regarded as a technology that is newer.

The LED Fog Lights

LED fog lights have grown significantly in popularity over the last few years and they offer a number of stand out benefits over traditional Halogen fog lights. In fact, for a number of drivers choosing LEDs is the best choice. Even though the LEDs are a lot more expensive when compared to the halogen counterparts, they will save you a lot of money over the years. A good quality set of LED fog lights usually cost $100 and upwards, it is important to take the longevity of these products into account. For example, upgrading halogen bulbs will typically last for 18 to 24 months, while LEDS will last for many years.

The LEDs are usually a lot easier to install than many people might think. Replacing halogen fog lights with LED fog lights can be complex in rare cases, but in the majority of instances this can be done with minimal hassle. If you are concerned about changing these bulbs yourself, then use an auto-electrician who will quickly and conveniently change them for you.

When it comes to performance, the LED fog lights are much brighter when compared to the halogens, with most of the LED fog lights producing a much cooler color temperature. This means that they produce light that is whiter and more easy on your eyes. They can also match up to the appearance of the xenon HID headlights far better than halogen bulbs.

However, it is worthwhile to note that a fog light is at its most efficient is the color temperature is on the warmer side rather than on the cooler. Yellow light will reflect fog in a different way to blue colors and is more efficient when it comes to lighting up a road in misty or foggy conditions. If you make the switch to LED fog lights, ensure the lights are less blue, as this may have an affect on your vision in incremental weather.

Which Is Best?

When deciding on whether to use LED or halogen fog lights, it will all depend on what you are looking for. If you want to replace one of your burnt-out bulbs fast and you are not prepared to spend a lot of money, then the halogens are still a better choice. If you are interested in upgrading your headlights and you are prepared to spend a bit more, the LED fog lights offer a modern and sleek look, that produces a much brighter light when compared to the halogens. The LEDs also last longer, perform better and will save you cash over a longer period.

Top 5 Benefits Of Using LED Fog Lights

LED lights are well known for offering the same if not more power than the halogen bulbs. A basic LED fog light offers life-lasting service and superior quality performance. When you install these bulbs in your car, you can eliminate those fears of driving out on those dark and unknown roads. One of the best benefits of the LED Fog lights is that they can be adjusted. This means you can use them for different purposes. For example, you can use them for camping, casual driving and daytime running. A few of the stand out benefits of the LED Fog Lights are listed below:

– LED Fog Lights offer outstanding lighting power along with less long-term costs. These lights can be used as HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs and a replacement the for the traditional 55 W halogen bulbs. These bulbs deliver a Xenon white color when you turn the LEDs on.

– They offer improved visibility when you drive on unlighted roads or dark alleys. The quality of the LED fog lights will guide you on the darkest roads where you will be able to detect broken roads, animals, pedestrians or any other type of common road hazards. This indicates that the LED fog lights can assist you in preventing accidents.

– Over the long-run they are cost-efficient, while offering an excellent light quality. LEDs at this stage may cost more than the traditional halogen bulbs, but over the long run they use a lot less energy and offer a life-span that is far longer than the halogen counterparts.

– They offer maximum capabilities and use far less power. A set of good quality LED Fog lights offer the reliability of offering you visibility on even the darkest roads, while ensuring your car gives out bright and straight beams of light. With these types of fog lights you never have to worry about traveling alone again.

In conclusion, making the switch to LED fog lights is one of the best decisions you can make. The outstanding lighting will help your eyes to relax while offering maximum lighting in misty and foggy road conditions. Ultimately, these fog lights provide a far safer driving experience.

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