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If you haven’t yet heard of Smartlipo, it is a brand new procedure which helps in removing extra body fat and firm sagging skin. With the use of a laser fiber which is pushed into the body via a cannula, doctors are literally able to melt the extra fat, thereby eliminating deposits of fat. This entire process tones your body and gives it a firm look. When you opt for laser liposuction, it tightens the skin, helps remove all sagginess and also offers a youthful glow. Smartlipo has a recovery time which is pretty short and you’ll be happy to know that majority of the patients rush back to normal work within 2 days.

What are the costs to undergo Smartlipo treatment?

In an average, patients usually have to shell off $5000 on Smartlipo treatment and this amount can even decrease or increase depending on the area that is going to be treated. Generally, if you opt for treatment under the chin, it will definitely be less costly than abdominal liposuction at established clinics like the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic.

How is Smartlipo better than traditional liposuction?

Let’s take a few ways in which Smartlipo is far better than conventional liposuction procedure so that you know why you should opt for the former option.

  • Smartlipo is a less-intrusive process than conventional liposuction

Conventional liposuction uses a tube which is called a cannula and this tube is used to such off the fat from all the areas that need to be treated. Smartlipo is definitely a non-intrusive process on the other hand as it leverages laser to liquefy fat and which is brought out from the body through the natural elimination procedure of the body.

  • Smartlipo tends to loss inches of fat

In case you’re someone who is 30 lbs from your weight goal, you’re an ideal candidate of SmartLipo. This clearly means that you’ll be able to lose fat through this process resulting ina contoured and slimmer version of yourself.

  • Sagging skin and cellulite can be reduced through SmartLipo

It is seen that conventional liposuction often leaves you with sagged skin but much unlike its traditional form, SmartLipo can certainly let go of cellulite and tighten any sagging skin anywhere in your body. Since this process uses laser therapy, the heat produces more collagen and this boosts the natural rejuvenation process of your body. Hence, Smartlipo doesn’t only help you lose inches of that extra fat but it is also capable of tightening your bodies.

  • Incisions are smaller in Smartlipo

Yet another benefit associated with Smartlipo is that since the cannula is smaller, the cosmetic surgeon will even make smaller incisions inside your abdomen, buttocks, thighs and love handles or wherever you wish to reduce fat. Such incisions are not much noticeable and they usually heal quickly leaving behind small scars. Hence, you will tend to feel confident in your swim suit after undergoing Smartlipo.

  • Recovery time of Smartlipo is faster

Since Smartlipo involves a less-intrusive procedure as against conventional liposuction, the recovery time is certainly faster. Post surgery, you might feel the pain within the first day or two and you might be asked to wear compression garments. However, you need not worry about the after-effects that you can return to work within a day or two.

Now that you’ve gone through the entire post, you must be intrigued about the benefits of Smartlipo. If you have been wondering of getting traditional liposuction done, opt for Smartlipo as this is a modern process which helps you recover sooner than its traditional alternative.