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MarketsTrades is a stock brokerage firm, which offers different financial services to its global clients. The company has achieved this by using their online platform With a minimum deposit of $100, you can trade in this site. The fact that no commissions required to use this platform have made it popular among traders.

Main Products Offered

Oil Trading

Oil trading has caught attention in the stock market because it has a high demand worldwide. This fact makes the oil business competitive and thus attracting a lot of investors. In fact, it is a primary source of energy in the open market. The site helps traders to keep track of the profits generated worldwide after the sale of oil. By so doing, traders make wise decisions on when to invest.

Forex Trading

Because trading currencies in forex trading is a business accepted by a lot of people around the world, provides an ideal platform for traders to transact. The system is well secured to ensure no money lost during the transaction.

Crypto Trading

Recently, the digital currency has entered the market with a lot of appreciation all over the world. MarketsTrades have a platform where you can create an account and start trading.

Services offered

Advanced Technical Charts and Analysis

MarketsTrades application comes with a software aiding traders to make a wiser decision before making any trade. Upon opening your account, the system avails you with screening and analysis tools for more comfortable decision making.

24/7 Customer Support

The system has a team of technical people working 24/7, to ensuring that their customer experience with the system is high. They are ready to listen to you in case of any technicality when trading.

Web and Mobile Platforms

You can access the system from either over the computer or use of the app on both Android and IOS devices. Both platforms are integrated well and secure.

Secure Access

When creating the account, there is login data you give, which are well protected in a secure database. The fxbasebrand has a way of ensuring that your money is well secure in the system.

Easy Withdrawal or Loading

Fxbasebrand is partnered with different banks all over the world and also integrated with online platforms like PayPal and pioneer MasterCard to ensure that money is accessible regardless of the region.

Types of Accounts

Demo Account

When you are a new trader, the system allows you to have a trial account. The system has a digital simulator, which controls and helps you gauge your skills. It allows you to choose the amount of virtual money you want to use in your transaction. After showing improvement and gaining confidence, you can now try real account and do business.

Real Accounts

This account allows you to do real business with real cash. The profit you get in this account will be real and can be withdrawn.

Using will give you a good experience when it comes to financial services and brokerage.