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Manufacturing is by its very nature, an ever-evolving discipline that strives to consistently make products better. With this in mind, the tools used for your line of work need to keep up with the hunger for innovation by being the most advanced and precise pieces of tech possible. So, it will come as music to your ears to learn that there is a new product on the market that is going to revolutionize the marketplace?

What is the product?

The product that has everyone talking is the new Eley Metrology digital height gauge which is the most advanced piece of precise measuring equipment available on the market. This means that when it comes to metrology, there is no better piece of equipment to have on your side.

What does it do?

If you haven’t worked with this equipment before, you might not know what a digital height gauge does and just what an incredibly useful tool it can be.

In the most basic models, a height gauge will measure the height of an object and accurately mark objects that need standard, repetitive interventions. The Vertex VMS height gauge is better than its competitors for a number of reasons.

For example, the tool can complete a stunning array of calculations that outshine its competitors, such as:

  • Heights
  • Drops
  • Internal/ external diameters
  • Top/bottom dead center
  • Internal/ external gap
  • Center to center

Alongside this, the Vertex VMS also comes in three sizes meaning that the fantastic technology that is built into the machine can be used across a wealth of different manufacturing projects and part with ease and consistency.

What makes it special?

As a professional in the manufacturing industry, you don’t need to be told why metrology is so important, you just need to know what the best tools are to make sure you are up to date, to make your job easier and your products better.

When it comes to the Vertext VMS, one of the most exciting elements this digital height gauge has to offer is that is has been made to be so precise in its measurements that it doesn’t require any error mapping. Can you imagine how the quality of your final product will be improved when working with a state of the art tool that has an error range of only 3.5 microns? This means that you can spend more time doing your job and producing quality manufactured goods, rather than having to waste time picking up errors.

A multi-purpose tool such as this will aid in the manufacture of high-quality vehicles as well as lending itself to a wide variety of production areas in your industry.

How has it changed the face of manufacturing?

The future of manufacturing lies in the advancement and usage of brilliant equipment to ensure the consistent quality of product. The Vertex VMS height gauge is one of the best tools to have at your disposal for this and will change the way you work for the better.