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Paris Rhône Celebrates a Century of Innovation in Household Appliances

Paris Rhône, the esteemed household appliance brand established in 1915, is set to add joy and cheer to the holiday season with its legacy of innovation. As Christmas and New Year approach, the brand reflects on a century of remarkable achievements and looks forward to a future filled with advanced smart home appliances.

Paris Rhône History

Revolutionizing Home Cleaning since 1925: In 1925, Paris Rhône’s Aspiron sub-brand launched the world’s first vacuum cleaner, featuring eye-catching graffiti-inspired designs.

Pioneering Electric Mobility in 1941: In 1941, Paris Rhône introduced the VPR electric tricycle, revolutionizing personal transportation with its unique design and two-person bench seat. It reached a maximum speed of 19 mph and traveled up to 40 miles, showcasing Paris Rhône’s innovative spirit. The updated Baby-Rhône II debuted the next year.

Building a Reputation for Excellence in 1952: In 1952, Paris Rhône built a two-floor, 5,000 sqm building for home appliances. They added vacuum cleaners, polishers, and coffee grinders to their offerings. The coffee grinders became popular for preserving classic flavors and were loved by coffee enthusiasts.

Embracing Culinary Innovation in 1970: In 1970, Paris Rhône expanded into kitchen appliances, introducing electric knives and a limited edition dishwasher. Customers were captivated by their impeccable design and performance.

Global Brand

A Global Brand in the 21st Century: Embracing the new era, the company launched its brand globalization strategy in the 21st century. Paris Rhône’s dedication to quality and innovation propelled its growth, making it a sought-after household appliance brand across Europe, North America, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific.

Starting in 2023, the company is set to further enhance its product range by introducing WiFi-enabled smart home appliances. Customers can delight in the convenience and seamless connectivity delivered by WiFi-enabled smart home appliances. Experience the ease of remotely controlling household appliances, promoting energy efficiency, and harnessing the power of voice commands.

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Innovation and Heritage

Innovation, Heritage, and Global Expansion: Today, the company showcases its products in over 30 countries worldwide and has emerged as one of the most promising household appliance brands.

Combining its rich Parisian heritage with a century of expertise in meaningful innovation and industry-leading design, Paris Rhône is set to introduce exceptional smart household appliances to users around the globe through its three sub-brands: Aspiron, Sympa, and Evatronic.

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