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It’s not just a game on your phone that everyone seems to be obsessed with. And, before that it was a cartoon. You can still find Pokemon gear in the stores and online that predates the Pokemon GO game, but the game is bringing out more of a love for Pokemon, in more generations.

The game has its good points and its bad points, but no matter what you think of it, it is getting more people out of their homes and actually socializing. Sure, they still have their phones in their hands, but it’s a step in the right direction. But you can have more fun by adding Pokemon into other aspects of your life.

Pokemon In Fashion

From t shirts donning your favorite Pokemon to Pokemon pajamas, these critters are all over adult and children’s clothing, and why not. The mobile game isn’t just popular with kids. People of all ages really enjoy the game.

Some people have even been speculating about great fashion they wish Pokemon would inspire. Well, when it comes to promoting TV, games, and even movies, the sky’s the limit for clothing ideas!

Pokemon Accessories

This franchise isn’t just being found all over the clothing world though, you can find all sorts of other great game and movie accessories. You can get stickers and notebooks. You can find Pokemon on keychains and donning your lunch bags and even backpacks. Even purses and wallets are getting the Pokemon treatment.

Game accessories are also coming out of the woodwork. Soon the Pokemon GO Plus will be available, which is a wearable that vibrates when a Pokemon is near. There is also a Pokemon GO drone that will help Pokemon masters get those far away Pokemon hiding in areas they just can’t walk to.

Pokemon Toys

Find toys and collectibles. Action figures can be fun to play with and to collect. It’s pretty like that Pokemon toys will be on many Christmas lists this year, and that toy stores will be bringing in more and more Pokemon related merchandise.

You can already find plenty of Pokemon plush out there. Why not cuddle with a Pikachu or Squirtle at night. People of all ages can (and will) enjoy the toys too.

If you haven’t downloaded the app for Pokemon GO yet, you’re only one of a few. By now it may be crashing a bit less, so even if you tried it out early and gave it up, you may want to give it a try again. Warning: it will drag you away from your computer, bed, or couch.

While you’re spending money on all this great Pokemon merchandise, make sure you’re watching where you are walking and don’t play and drive!


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