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Saving Opportunity for Transportation with uber Discount Codes

Getting around metro areas by foot is hard and public transportation can be unreliable. Ridesharing is a safe and easy way for riders to avoid the inconvenience and risk of riding a train with hundreds of people they don’t know. Uber thrives in densely populated areas. According to Business Insider, millennials are spending upwards of $100 each month on ridesharing services.

Who Uses Uber the Most

Using data collected by Empower, a money managing app, the report contains data from 29 cities. Empower tracks spending across a number of platforms, including Uber and Lyft. The platform helps people monitor their spending and has an optional main payment account that makes it possible to track spending. The data distribution includes a minimum of 50 users in the nation’s top cities and contains data from at least 50, 000 users.

What is an Uber Promo Code?

According to online Uber discount providers at Howla, “An Uber promo code is digital code that is alphanumeric. When entered into the Uber mobile application, it grants the user a monetary discount that can be applied to their current, next or future rides. Uber Promo codes come in all sizes, shapes and forms. In fact, some Uber promo codes are catchy phrases or patterns to help people remember them when they need them most.”

All Codes Are Created Equal

Uber promos codes can be found across the internet. Once someone signs up for Uber they get a link or promo code to earn free rides by distributing their own promotion. It’s important to realize that an Uber promo code is fairly wide open and limited only by a users geographic location. However, there are restrictions as to who can use the service. You can find more information on how to use Uber Promo codes here.

Uber’s Legal Age Limit

Many people aren’t aware that the legal age to travel alone in an Uber is 18 years of age. This means that parents can’t send an Uber to pick their kids up from school unless they’re accompanied by an adult. Teens under 18 also can’t open their own account since the account registration requires a valid payment method.

It takes some research but there are significant promos that can save riders a lot of money.

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