Secure Your Business Using Thermal Imaging Cameras 1

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When it comes to securing our homes or businesses, we can never be overcautious in adopting the latest security measures available. Criminals are getting increasingly sophisticated and using the latest technology to gain access to unauthorized areas with relative ease. Investing in a state-of-the-art security system is no longer an option but a necessity, with crime rates on the rise across the US.

We can beat the criminals at their own game using technology like thermal imaging cameras. The advantage of using a thermal camera is it makes it possible to see that which the naked eye can’t. All objects, animate and inanimate, emit or reflect radiation, irrespective of the ambient light sources. Thermal imaging is an invaluable tool to integrate with your existing security system to provide foolproof security. From use by the military forces on the battlefield to securing homes and businesses, they play an invaluable role in obtaining all kinds of security needs. They have become a staple need for all major businesses and provide high-quality images of potential trespassers. No matter the lighting conditions in an area, thermal cameras get the job done to perfection.

Some of the benefits of investing in a License-to-Shoot thermal imaging camera are:

Ideal for low light conditions: Generally, the perimeter of any property and its background has no or inadequate lighting conditions, especially during the night hours. This is tailor-made for thermal imaging cameras as they work effectively in these conditions.

No visual restrictions: Normal cameras are unable to see through natural obstructions that don’t permit reflected light to travel through. The advantage of using thermal cameras is they detect the thermal radiation that exits through any barriers. This makes it possible to see clearly in areas where regular cameras fail.

Look through camouflage: Regular cameras can’t see through natural or manmade camouflage in areas where similar patterns or colors blend into the background. This makes it impossible to see people or objects that are obscured by natural foliage or camouflage. Thermal cameras pick up the heat emitted and make it possible to look through the best camouflage.

Reduce false alarms: With regular cameras installed along with motion sensors, there are always incidents of false alarms. Thermal cameras reduce the likelihood of false alarms, thanks to cutting edge software that analyzes the video and image that the camera detects.

Value for money: Thermal camera equipment is highly cost-effective for all types of businesses that want the best possible security solutions. The price of quality thermal cameras with a security system falls less expensive than getting a high-grade CCTV security system. Because of their versatility, there are fewer numbers of thermal cameras needed vis-à-vis conventional camera systems. Another drawback with installing a regular camera security system is their limitations of only being able to cover up to approximately 200 m at night. They also need additional lighting that by itself could cost a fair bit for installation and maintenance. Overall thermal cameras offer much better returns on the money invested.