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Take your Online Trading Business to the Next Level with Level770 Solutions

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If you are an online trading service provider, you want to make sure that you have 24-hour support for all your clients and that they can reach you at any time of day. It can be a challenge when starting the business especially if you do not have the economic muscle to make it happen. You will need a business partner that offers you business solutions to help your company thrive in the fiercely competitive market-place, especially if you are interested in improving your B2B global trading among capital markets. If you are looking for such a business partner, here are some of the services offered by Level770 solutions, and how they can transform your business and set it on a successful trajectory.

Picking the right business model

When you engage level 770, the first thing they will do is analyze your business to establish whether you are best suited for the franchise, IB or white-label model. Your business goals will determine the best partnership solution for your business. The services that level 770 will offer to support your business include:

This first step will help you present the right brand image to your clients and set your business up for success.

Banking solutions

One of the challenges that companies investing in the online trading face is lack of reliable banking solutions, especially when they have traders in far off countries. Level770 has identified this as a need and offers you banking solutions in 26 countries including some African, Asian and Euro countries. In addition to this, you get credit card processing with the seven leading processing companies in the industry which simplifies the struggle that you traders have to go through to make exchanges.

Voice over internet protocol technology

This is a specialty service offered by Level770. The company lends you a software which allows you to make calls over the internet as opposed to buying the traditional hardware cellphones. There are many benefits that your company will get from VOIP support, including the fact that if employees are traveling from one place to the other, they can still keep in touch through the service which utilizes the broadband internet. In addition to the essential VOIP services, Level770 gives you an automatic dialer that makes automated telephone calls and records crucial messages for your business.

Business development

The success of your business will depend on the development strategy that you have put in place. Level770 can support enterprises to from their setup and business plan development to the actual installation of the call center. The support does not end when you have set up the call center as they will help you ensure that it is running well for optimal benefits. There are dealing services which allow you to control your account on your terms and sales training services. The sales training services will help your salespeople, managers and even the HR management team to get the right skills to drive your business success.

These are some of the services that Levl770 brings your call center business. The benefits that you will get from dealing with them include the fact that they have the fastest setup in the world of business, they offer you meta trader 4 and 5, back office support, mobile and web trader, regulation, risk and dealing services. Contact them today and start your journey towards call center business success.

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