The Future of Smart Home Living in the UAE 1

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The UAE has been at the forefront of major advances in engineering and technology for decades. With the development and introduction of smart home technology, the UAE is once again leading the way for both tech-savvy and average tech users alike.

The UAE has an immersive population that includes a large younger generation, and their needs will have to constantly be met as technology advances. This is an ongoing process, but most UAE residents can already take advantage of conveniences in their homes by just using their smartphones, devices that are always in hand.

The future of smart home innovation in the UAE will come down to three major aspects of the technology; the variation in home automation, homeowner safety and the expansion of networking throughout the home.

Connectivity Expansion

Starting with the expansion of in-home WiFi networking, developers in the UAE are focusing on integrating wiring capacity into the design of homes, condos and apartment complexes to ensure being connected doesn’t fall by the wayside and that users can continue to add features to their homes as the technology becomes available.

Advanced wiring will allow residents and visitors to enjoy wireless internet connectivity within the home as well as on the surrounding property using amplifiers placed throughout homes. Multiple devices can be running simultaneously as well as streaming services, music and more.

Home Automation

Today, we see the inclusion of home automation, which allows users to access home controls via voice activation or through a central panel hub. Users can control their environment to meet their standards; change the internal temperature, lights, turn on appliances on timers, and move curtains to counteract the daily temperature changes outside, an essential feature in desert locations like the UAE.

Home automation is the shining star of smart home technology. The future of UAE living will look modern, sleek, simple. Getting up in the morning to an already predetermined temperature that is comfortable, self-retracting drapes and shades that automatically let in daylight and starting your day with coffee or tea already made and your favorite playlist or news playing is what you’ll be experiencing as standard in some of the UAE’s most coveted real estate developments in the future.

Home Security

Home monitoring services have also risen to the occasion, providing peace of mind to homeowners while they are away on extended vacations or just out shopping nearby.

Completely integrated wireless cameras and sensors throughout properties allow homeowners to view and monitor the inside and outside of their homes with just a swipe on their phones.

Security companies throughout the UAE offer packages that include everything from simple home monitoring to the manipulation of devices and sensors within the home. It has recently been reported as one of the greatest aspects of Dubai’s low crime rate that increasingly plummets as years progress.

The UAE is home to technological innovations that you’ll be able to experience in your own home as a basic feature that will increase your ease of use and quality of life for years to come.