SEC Approves Amended Trump Media & Technology Group S-1

Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. (NASDAQ: DJT), operator of the Truth Social platform, received good news from the SEC. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) declared effective the company’s registration statement on Form S-1. This approval relates to the resale by certain securityholders of shares and warrants issued by TMTG.

The effective registration statement allows the covered securityholders to publicly resell their securities, provided they meet the prospectus delivery requirements of the Securities Act of 1933. Additionally, TMTG’s warrants are now eligible for cash exercise. If all covered warrants are exercised, TMTG could receive up to $247 million in proceeds. The effective registration also releases $40 million of restricted cash on the company’s balance sheet, adding to the $200 million in unrestricted cash currently held.

Investors Encouraged to Act

Investors interested in exercising their warrants are advised to contact their registered broker. This development marks a significant milestone for TMTG and its Truth Social platform.

“Today marks another milestone for Truth Social,” said TMTG CEO Devin Nunes. “With our S-1 declared effective, we’re expecting to be well positioned to energetically pursue TV streaming, other enhancements to the platform, and potential mergers and acquisitions. With approximately 620,000 retail shareholders supporting our vision, the company looks forward to expanding quickly and robustly.”

Future Prospects and Restrictions

While the registration statement is effective, TMTG will not receive any proceeds from the resale of securities by selling security holders except from the possible future exercise for cash of outstanding warrants. Not all listed securityholders in the registration statement will necessarily sell their shares. Furthermore, TMTG’s directors, officers, and certain other securityholders, including President Donald J. Trump, remain subject to a lockup period, restricting them from selling shares at this time.

The offering of securities under the registration statement can only be made via a prospectus available on the SEC’s website. Interested parties can obtain a copy from Broadridge Financial Solutions or contact them by phone.

This press release does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy any securities, nor will any sales be made in jurisdictions where it would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under local securities laws.

Trump Media & Technology Group, truth social logo
Truth Social logo.

About Trump Media & Technology Group Corp.

Trump Media & Technology Group aims to end Big Tech’s assault on free speech by creating a platform for open expression. TMTG operates Truth Social, a social media platform established as a safe harbor for free expression amid increasing censorship by Big Tech corporations.

Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) was founded in October 2021 by former U.S. President Donald J. Trump. The organization was established with the mission to counter the perceived suppression of conservative voices by major social media platforms. With a focus on protecting free speech, TMTG launched Truth Social, a platform dedicated to providing an uncensored space for open dialogue and expression.

Since its inception, TMTG has experienced significant growth, attracting millions of users who sought an alternative to mainstream social media networks. The platform quickly became a hub for those disenchanted with the policies of Big Tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. This rapid expansion underscored the demand for a platform that prioritizes free speech and resists the influence of major technology corporations.

Throughout its journey, TMTG has faced various challenges, including technical issues during its initial launch and skepticism from critics. However, the company has continually worked to improve its infrastructure and user experience. The platform has also been the target of cyber-attacks and smear campaigns aimed at undermining its credibility and operational stability. Despite these hurdles, TMTG has remained resilient, maintaining its commitment to its core mission.

Free Speech

The company’s steadfast dedication to free speech has also led to partnerships and collaborations with other like-minded organizations and individuals. These alliances have further strengthened TMTG’s position in the social media landscape, allowing it to expand its reach and impact.

In addition to Truth Social, TMTG has plans to diversify its offerings. The company is exploring opportunities in TV streaming and other digital media ventures, aiming to provide a comprehensive ecosystem for users who value freedom of expression. The recent SEC approval of the amended Form S-1 is expected to bolster these efforts, providing the financial resources needed to pursue ambitious projects and potential mergers and acquisitions.

Big Tech Challenger

As TMTG continues to evolve, its mission remains clear: to challenge the status quo of Big Tech and ensure that every individual has the right to voice their opinions without fear of censorship. This commitment to free speech and open dialogue will guide the company’s future endeavors and growth.

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