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How to Use CMMS Software to Set Up your Preventive Maintenance Plan

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According to a study by eMaint, businesses tend to spend 80% of their time dealing with maintenance issues instead of just preventing them. For this reason, CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management Software was invented. With a CMMS, business owners can effectively schedule preventive maintenance for their equipment, maintain their assets, and allocate personnel to various types of work.

Using a CMMS software allows you to schedule preventive maintenance more effectively. As a result, your team can proactively deal with repairs, allowing you to increase the reliability of your equipment by as much as 35 to 50%. Since you can save around 12-18% with a preventive maintenance, it simply means using a CMMS is of utter importance. To use a CMMS for scheduling your preventive maintenance plan, here are some tips you should follow:

  1. Pick the Right People

Before you set up your preventive maintenance plan, make sure you gather the right people. It’s ideal to choose maintenance managers, technicians, top management, and any personnel who have an idea on how the system operates. This can range from craftsmen, accountants, production personnel, and data processors. Although you don’t really necessarily need input from them, having them on board will allow you to receive important feedback.

  1. Inventory your Assets and Equipment

It’s important to inventory all of your assets and equipment you plan to include in your preventive maintenance plan. With this information, you will be able to monitor your costs and determine if a particular equipment needs urgent replacement. Examine the current condition of your equipment, and decide its priority level with regards to the overall operation.

  1. Set Goals for your Plan

The feedback you get from the people you’ve chosen will help you set your goals depending on what you expect to achieve using the system. Make sure your team has the right computer skills necessary for when your preventive maintenance plan is in motion.

  1. Schedule for Both Short Term and Long Term Preventive Maintenance

You should aim to get your high-end equipment scheduled for a preventive maintenance; however, you won’t have to do it in one fell swoop. Just focus on how the units might fall and prevent failures whenever possible. It’s a good idea to begin with just a single piece of equipment then add as you go. Your long-term strategy might be revised several times in your first year.

After successfully planning your year, it will be easier for you to create weekly plans. Schedule preventive maintenance for pre-planned equipment downtime. However, make sure you can cater work orders from reactive maintenance or preventive maintenance inspection. By prioritizing the tasks, you can enjoy longer equipment life, not to mention shorter downtime and more affordable maintenance expenses.

How a CMMS Can Help You

With a CMMS software, you can schedule preventive maintenance operations easily and effectively. With a CMMS, you can create schedules based on alarm condition, another work order, date, or equipment usage. A lot of businesses are starting to take advantage of CMMS for scheduling preventive maintenance works. Don’t get left behind the competition, get yours now!

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